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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 18 November 2020)


Centre for Principal Development


Anna Rantala, associate professor
Eva Leffler, associate professor

I work as Associate professor at the Department of Education and teach and research primarily in school development.

Eva Sundström, associate professor
Ewa Morén, administrator

Administrator, finance and education

Frida Grimm, doctoral student

PhD student at the Department of Education. My research interest is ´teacher leadership´ with focus on Swedish ´first teachers´ and their leadership. 

Helene Ärlestig, professor

Helene Ärlestig is professor in educational administration and director for Centre for Principal Development

Katarina Norberg, associate professor

Katarina Norberg is an Associate Professor in Education at the Centre for Principal Development, Umeå University  Sweden.

Katarina Roos, associate professor
Lars Norqvist, associate professor

Senior lecturer at the Centre for Principal Development (CPD), Department of Political sciences

Magnus Larsson, associate professor
Maria Wester, associate professor

Pedagogic developer, Ph D in Educational Work.

Marie Olsson, other position

HR-support at Department of Political Science, Centre for Principal Development and Umeå Centre for genusstudies.

Petronella Sirkka, adjunct associate professor
Ulf Leo, associate professor

Dr Ulf Leo is associate professor of Sociology of Law with a special focus on Educational Leadership. He is deputy head at the Centre for Principal Development. 

Viveca Stenkula Dahl, adjunct associate professor