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Faculty Office of Medicine


Ann Sörlin
Anna Fahlgren
Anna Lundberg
Anna Olson
Cecilia Elofsson

I work with research related questions (FON), support to the faculty management and introduction of newly employed administrative staff. I work as a secretary for the Information Committée.

Claes Björnberg

Communication Officer focusing on research.

Elin Sonning
Frida Ericson
Gunilla Mårald
Jenny Bagglund
Jenny Kurki
Johan Daunfeldt
Karin Jansson
Kristina Lejon

Professor of Immunology

Deputy Dean of Medical Faculty

Lena Åminne
Lina Häggkvist
Linnéa Fagertun
Lisa Berg
Madeleine Lindmark

Coordinator in The Hiring and Docent Board (ADN).

Mari-Helen Kula
Nina Häggström
Nina Ohlson
Ola Nilsson

Communication officer, mainly working with research news at the Faculty of Medicine.

Olov Olsson
Oskar Sandström
Patrik Danielson

M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Anatomy

Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Patrik Holmkvist
Peter Forsgren
Petra Norqvist
Tomas Jacobsson
Wasif Ali

I'm primarily engaged in the Faculty of Medicine's research initiatives.

Ylwa Wirtala
Åsa Audulv

I’m a nurse, teacher and researcher. My research area is self-management among people with long-term conditions, development of self-management measures and support tools.