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Exchange studies in Europe

You can study or do an internship in Europe by participating in the exchange programmes Erasmus+ or Nordplus. Both programmes offer a scholarship for your stay abroad. If you study abroad as an exchange student, you do not pay tuition fee to the host university and you can bring your study aid.

Erasmus+ and Nordplus

The last day to apply for exchange studies within Erasmus+ or Nordplus is often sometime in January – March, but it varies between departments. Contact your department to find out when the application opens and closes.

International contacts persons.

For the university-wide agreements you can no longer apply for studies spring 2023. Starting 15 January you can apply for exchange studies at Würzburg University and Keele University for Autumn semester 2023 and Spring semester 2024. Last day to apply is 15 February.

Most exchange agreements in Europe are signed at departmental or faculty level, which means you should turn to the international contact person at your department, programme or faculty to get more information about the exchange opportunities available and how to apply.

There are a few exchange places in Europe that are open to almost all students, regardless of which department they belong to.

Study in Europe/EEA through Erasmus+

As an Erasmus student, you study full-time at a college or university in another European country, for a period of 3–12 months, on the same conditions as local students. You can study or do a traineeship within Erasmus+ on a total of 12 months for each bachelor, master and doctoral level. You can get a grant from the programme for your studies abroad.

Your exchange studies should be accredited by Umeå University.

Brexit and studies in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom left the EU 1 February 2020 and will not participate in the Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027. Starting the academic year 2022/2023 there are no Erasmus grants available for exchange studies in the United Kingdom.  

The rules for EU citizens are revised starting January 2021. If you are an EU citizen, not currently residing in the UK, you need to apply for a student visa for studies longer than 6 months. If you are going to study for less than 6 months, you can use the visitor route. More information about student visas can be found at: Student visa


You must be able to transfer the credits from your studies abroad, to Umeå University.

If you apply for an Erasmus+ grant you cannot uphold another scholarship during your studies abroad from EU or the Swedish Council for Higher Education. You can also not be awarded a grant if you have been on Erasmus exchange or training for 12 months in the same level of study, including the study period you are applying for.

To be eligible for a grant from Erasmus+ you must:

  • Be registered as a student at Umeå University.
  • Have completed at least one year of full-time studies at higher education institution, before departure.
  • pursue studies leading to a recognised degree or other recognised tertiary level qualification.
  • Live at the study destination during the exchange period.
  • Study abroad for at least 90 days and a maximum of 12 months (you must study in the host country for at least 90 days to get a grant).

You can read more about the requirements for traineeship here:
Traineeship abroad

Application for Erasmus+

Department and Faculty linked exchange places

If you want to go on an exchange to a partner university that your department or faculty has an agreement with, contact your international contacts to get information on how to apply and when the deadline is. Usually the application deadline is in the spring, from January to March, but it varies between departments.

University-wide exchange places

A few exchange places within Erasmus+ are open to all students, no matter which department they belong to. The places are at:

  • Würzburg University in Germany (German Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg)
    Please note that you must be able to speak German to apply to this university as they have few courses in English.
  • Keele University in the United Kingdom.

The deadline to apply for exchange studies at Würzburg University and Keele University for Spring semester 2023 closed 5 September. Application for studies during Autumn 2023 or Spring 2024 opens 15 January and last day to apply is 15 February.

Submit your application here

Mandatory enclosures required with your application:

  • Study plan. Please write four courses for each university you are interested in applying to. Present your course selection to your study counselor. Note that the course selection is preliminary, nominated students may need to make new courses in a later application to the host university. Use this template

  • Documented language skills in the language of instruction (for Swedish speaking students, Scandinavian languages are exempt), such as upper secondary school diploma. For English and German, the requirements are the equivalent of three years of study at upper secondary school. You should either have:
    • minimum grade of VG (pass with credit) in upper secondary course A, or a minimum grade of B in upper secondary course 5
    • or minimum grade of G (pass) in upper secondary course B, or a minimum grade of C from upper secondary course 6
    • or minimum grade of E from upper secondary course 7
    • or a valid language test which meets with the CEFR B2 level
    • For international students at programmes instructed in English at Umu, a copy of the proof of English proficiency submitted with the application to the programme is sufficient.

Apply for a grant

If you are assigned an Erasmus+ exchange place, you can apply for a grant through the International Office. The grant amounts to a sum between 400–460 euro per month.

The international contact person at your department or study programme must inform the International Office that you have been assigned an exchange place.

You will then receive an invitation by e-mail to Umeå University's Canvas page for Erasmus grants. On the Canvas page you will find more information about how to submit your grant application.

Your application must be complete before you begin your exchange. For students who are going on an exchange during the autumn semester, the application for an Erasmus scholarship usually opens at the beginning of June, while for students who are going on an exchange during a spring semester, the application usually opens in the end of November/beginning of December.

Additional funds if you have a disability

If you have a disability, you can be granted additional funds from the Erasmus+ programme to cover costs for special needs, such as transportation, adapted housing and preparatory sign language course. If you want more information, e-mail

Additional funds if you travel with children

If you have children who accompany you, you may receive additional funds of EUR 200 per month.

To apply, contact