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Frequently asked questions about exchange studies

On this page, we have collected frequently asked questions and answers for students who are considering applying for an exchange place outside Europe via the university-wide agreements.

Frequently asked questions about exchange studies outside Europe

I have questions about exchange studies, who should I contact?

If you have questions about whether you can go on an exchange within your programme, please contact the International contact person at your department.

If you have questions about the partner universities or the announcement for the university-wide agreements, please contact: outgoing.io@umu.se

How do I apply for exchange studies through the university-wide agreements?

Once a year, the International Office announces the university-wide exchange places for the following academic year. Last day to apply is 15 November (if this date occurs on a weekend or bank holiday then deadline is the following work day).

You apply to go on exchange during the autumn or spring term the following academic year.

In October, the International Office holds information sessions around campus. If you would like to know more and ask questions, you are welcome to one of the drop-in occasions in October and November, published in the calendar on the student webb or at: Exchange studies outside of Europe

There are also opportunities to apply for exchange places within North2North, Nordlys and university-wide places within Erasmus +. These programs have other application times, for more information please visit:

Please contact the International Contact Person at your department or programme to find out more. You can also e-mail International Office for more information.

Can I go on an exchange within my programme?

Please contact the International contact person at your department to discuss the possibility to go on an exchange within your programme.

At what level can I study my exchange at (bachelor/master)?

You should always discuss the appropriate time period/level with the International Contact Person or study counselor at the department where you are studying. Several countries/universities require that you as a student must have completed a bachelor's degree in order to enroll in master's/graduate level courses. This may affect students studying in a 4- or 5-year direct master program (such as Master of Business Administration or Master of Engineering students).

“To be announced" is stated in the list of available places. When will the final number of places be published?

All available places will be published no later than one week before the application deadline. If it is still not published by then, try to empty the cache in you browser.

Where do I find restrictions for the respective universities?

You can find information regarding restrictions on the pages for our partner universities. You can find the list of partner universities here:
Where can you go?

I have some unfinished courses, will this affect the selection category Rate of study?

We look at the number of university credits you have been registered at and compare this with the number of university credits you have completed. If you, for example, have been registered at 60 credits and have 30 completed credits, this will give you 50 % in study rate.

I have an Approved Leave from Studies from one of my courses, will this affect the study performance criteria?

If your institution has registered an Approved Leave from Studies in Ladok, that course will not be considered in your study performance.

How much does it cost to go on exchange studies?

As an exchange student, you do not pay tuition fees to the host university, but there may be other costs that you need to pay for. For example, mandatory insurance at the university, administrative fees, meal plans, etc. may be added depending on the country and university. As a student, you are also responsible for living expenses such as accommodation, travel and so on.

I am studying at a programme taught in English here at Umeå University, do I really need to send in a Proof of English Proficiency?

For students at programmes instructed in English at Umu, a copy of the proof of English proficiency submitted with the application to the programme is sufficient.

I am interested in signing up for the Buddy Programme, how can I do that?

More information about how to get involved in the Buddy Programme can be found on the web page Be a Buddy. There you can also find contact details to the Buddy Programme coordinator.

Latest update: 2022-08-30