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Bild: Anders Lind, Fotograf Andreas Nilsson AB, © Andreas Nilsson

Super Computer – Interactive Sound Art

Forskningsprojekt This is an ongoing collaborative and experimental interdisciplinary project with an aim to involve artistic research processes for the presentation of computer data, moreover, to explore user experiences of interactive sound art situated in a public space.

The project is linked to the overall field of New Media Art. Research is conducted within the field of New Interfaces for Musical Expressions (NIME), intersecting the area of interactive sound art.


Anders Lind
090-786 74 53



Startdatum: 2023-01-01

Medverkande institutioner och enheter vid Umeå universitet

Institutionen för estetiska ämnen


Digital humaniora


The project includes the creation of a place-specific interactive sound art installation to be placed outdoors at Umeå university. The interactive sound art installation will be developed to create a constantly ongoing and changeable music performance, based on the activity and data flow from the Super Computer (installed at the HPC2N: High Performance Computing Center North) in combination with peoples actions when interacting with the installation. The research is conducted through several short iterations. A media ecology theoretical perspective is guiding the research processes.

Videolinks to Lind´s artistic work on interactive sound art, which relates to the project:
Lind, Anders. 2022. The Earth Organ – Outdoor Interactive Sound Art.
https://youtu.be/Fl9EyMp_7xk  retrieved 2023.03.14
Lind, Anders. 2016-2023. LINES – Interactive Sound Art.
https://youtu.be/hP36xoPXDnM  retrieved 2023.03.14
Lind, Anders. 2014. Singing Instruments – Interactive Sound Art.
https://youtu.be/wLQ5Hs4GTeU  retrieved 2023.03.14


Selected publications related to the project:

Lind. A, Nylén. D. 2016. Mapping everyday objects to digital materiality in the wheel quintet – polytempic music and participatory art. in Proceedings of the international conference on (NIME) new interfaces for musical expression, Brisbane, Australia, 2016, pp. 84-89






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