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The 2019 Swedish Congress of Philosophy

Umeå, Sweden. June 14–16, 2019

The Swedish Congress of Philosophy (known locally as Filosofidagarna) aims to bring together researchers from all areas of philosophy. We welcome submissions in English and Swedish, and we welcome submissions both for individual talks and for small workshops.

Invited speakers

Unfortunately, Susan Haack’s previously announced Theoria Lecture has been cancelled

Aesthetics: David Davies, McGill
Applied ethics: Bengt Brülde, Gothenburg
Diversity and philosophy: Rachel Sterken, Oslo
Epistemology: Jennifer Nagel, Toronto
Ethics: Jens Johansson, Uppsala
History of philosophy: Jonas Olson, Stockholm
Logic and philosophy of mathematics: John Cantwell, KTH
Metaphysics: Robbie Williams, Leeds
Phenomenology: Søren Overgaard, Copenhagen
Philosophy of language: Herman Cappelen, Oslo
Philosophy of mind: Frederique de Vignemont, Institut Jean Nicod
Philosophy of science: Panu Raatikainen, Tampere
Political philosophy: Helen Frowe, Stockholm
Value theory: Wlodek Rabinowicz, Lund

Congress information

Submissions for individual talks

Submissions for individual talks should include (a) name, (b) affiliation, (c) title of the talk, (d) an abstract of up to 400 words, and (e) preferred section (among the categories listed below).

Individual talks will be allocated 25 minutes including discussion and will provisionally be organised around the following categories:

Applied ethics
History of philosophy
Logic and philosophy of mathematics
Philosophy of language
Philosophy of mind
Philosophy of science
Political philosophy
Philosophy and diversity
Value theory

Submissions should be emailed to filosofidagarna.idesam@umu.se. The deadline for submission is February 28. We expect to notify authors about their submissions latest March 31.

Submissions for workshops

We invite submissions for workshops in all areas of philosophy, including first-order philosophical issues (e.g. the nature of consciousness), questions about philosophical methodology (e.g. the role of thought experiments), and questions about the philosophy profession (e.g. diversity in academic philosophy).

Workshops will be allocated 90 minutes. They should feature 4-5 talks and allow time for discussion with the audience.

Diversity is encouraged in the composition of the workshops (e.g. gender diversity, and diversity with regard to career status).

Workshop organisers are responsible for the scheduling within the workshop, and for appointing chairs.

Submissions for workshops should include (a) names and affiliations of the organisers and speakers, (b) title of the workshop, (c) an abstract for the workshop of up to 300 words, and (d) titles and abstracts for the embedded talks (up to 150 words each).

Submissions should be emailed to filosofidagarna.idesam@umu.se. The deadline for submission is February 28. We expect to notify authors about their submissions latest March 31.

Registration and conference dinner

The registration fee is 200 SEK.

The deadline for registration has been extended to May 12.

When you register, you have the option of signing up for lunches for Saturday and Sunday (wrap with soda and coffee).  (On Friday, several lunch places on campus will be open.  The big canteen Lingon always has seats and provides good-to-decent food (including the vegetarian options) most of the time.  Places with reliably good food but more restricted space include Taj Mahal and Little Indian (both Indian).  Search engines will display the locations, but make sure to include “campus” in your search as these places also exist off-campus.)

When you register you also have the option of signing up for the Saturday conference dinner.  The dinner will take place at Kassjöbacken, a small ski resort overlooking lake Kassjön located a 15 minute drive from the conference site.  In connection with the dinner, it’s possible (but not required) to walk around the countryside for a bit, so please dress according to your interests (and the weather).  The (subsidised) fee includes transportation by bus.  The buses will leave the conference site immediately after the end of the programme on Saturday (approximately 1800).  Return times may partly depend on factors such as weather and popular demand, but there will be an option to leave around 2100 for those who want.

To register and sign up for lunches and dinner, use either of the following two options:

(A) If you have submitted an abstract that has been accepted for presentation, please register via this link [registration closed]

(B) If you wish to participate in the conference without giving a presentation, please register via this link: [registration closed]

All important dates and times

February 28: Deadline for submissions for talks and workshops
March 31: Expected notification to authors about their submissions
May 12: (Extended) deadline for registration
May 13: Hotels let go of the (limited number of) rooms held for conference participants
June 14: The conference begins around 13.00
June 16: The conference ends provisionally mid-afternoon

Programme and abstracts

Conference programme.pdf (120 kB).

Book of abstracts.pdf (909 kB)


The following hotels hold a limited number of rooms reserved for conference participants until May 13.

Clarion Collection Uman
Storgatan 52 Website
Single rooms: 1081 SEK
Book by phone +46 90 12 72 20 or email cc.uman@choice.se and cite the code Philosophy at reservation

Comfort Hotel Winn
Skolgatan 62B Website
Single rooms: 945 SEK
Book by phone +46 90 71 11 27 or email co.umea@choice.se and cite the codes Philosophy and GR007581 at reservation

Hotell Gamla fängelset
Storgatan 62 Website
Single room with shared wc and shower: 560 SEK
Double room with shared wc and shower: 790 SEK
Book by phone +46 90 10 03 80 or email bokning@hotellgf.se and cite the code Philosophy at reservation

U&Me Hotel
Storgatan 46 Website
Single room medium: 823 SEK
Single room large: 973 SEK
Double room medium: 973 SEK
Double room large: 1023 SEK
Book by phone +46 90 690 33 08 or email info@umehotel.se and cite the code Philosophy at reservation


By air
The following airlines currently have direct flights between Stockholm and Umeå:
The following airlines currently have direct flights between Helsinki and Umeå:

By train
Trains between Stockholm and Umeå are about 6 hours (when direct) and can be booked on www.sj.se.

By bus
There are bus options too. Search engines are the best means for getting an overview of those options.

Conference venue and local transportation

Conference venue

The conference takes place at the Humanities building, “Humanisthuset”, at Umeå University campus, see campus map.

Arrival by air

From Umeå airport, there is a bus that stops both at Umeå University campus (the stop is called “Universum”) and at the city centre (the stop is called “Vasaplan”), which is where most hotels are located.

Arrival by train

If you arrive by train, you can get off either at the station Umeå Östra, which is a short walk from campus, or at the station Umeå C, which is at the city centre.

From the city centre to campus

From the city centre, it’s an approximately 30 minute walk to campus.  You can also get to campus from the city centre by local buses that depart from Vasaplan.  Buses #2 (towards Ersboda handelsomr.), #8 (towards Tomtebo), and #5 (towards Strömpilen) run from Vasaplan to the campus stop “Universum”.  Bus #1 (towards Ö. Ersboda) run from Vasaplan to the campus stop “Samhällsvetarhuset”.  (“Samhällsvetarhuset” is slightly closer to the Humanities building than “Universum”.)  Please consult this map for the local bus route network: https://www.tabussen.nu/ultra/english/route-network/ .

Inside the humanities building

The book of abstracts contains some more fine-grained information about the locations of rooms inside the Humanities building. See heading Programme and abstracts.


All questions about the congress can be sent to filosofidagarna.idesam@umu.se.


Pär Sundström, Umeå University
Daniela Cutas, Umeå University
Torfinn Huvenes, Umeå University



The Swedish Congress of Philosophy is supported by generous grants from Erik och Gurli Hultengrens fond för filosofi and The Royal Swedish Academy of the Sciences.


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