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Building movements, effecting change

Tid Fredag 14 oktober, 2022 kl. 15:30 - 17:30
Plats Lindelhallen 4 (free entrence)

Ickevåld 2022 anordnar en paneldiskussion på Campus om "Buiding movements, effecting change".

We explore factors that help or hinder nonviolent movements in achieving effective and sustainable mobilization for change, and discuss how our own movements can learn from examples from around the world. 

Stellan Vinthagen, professor in sociology and research activist, also chair for the faculty of Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Resistance at University of Massachusetts.

Astrid Simonsen, Researcher in nonviolent social movements
Moses Monday John, Executive Director ONAD (South Sudan)

Elisabeth Olivius, associate professor in political science and researches power and gender in relation to peace and peacebuilding. Umeå university (Moderator)

This seminar is held in English, panelists participate via video link. Also available as Live stream: www.facebook.com/ickevaldsforum/live

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Evenemangstyp: Seminarium
Elisabeth Olivius
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Patrik Johansson
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