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Corporations and foundations

The holding companies

The contacts between the research community and the corporate sector are improved and strengthened by the establishment of holding companies associated with the University. They provide opportunities for the transfer of research projects that have reached the level of concreteness necessary for commercial application, from the regular research organisation of the University to an environment suited for commercialisation processes.

Umeå universitet Holding AB

The holding company under 100 per cent ownership of Umeå University. Its affiliates are Uminova Innovation AB (50.3%), Uminova eXpression AB (75%), Etanolpilot i Sverige AB (48.5%), Northern Light Capital (10%), Science Park i Umeå AB (9%).
Umeå universitet Holding AB (site in Swedish)

Uminova Innovation AB

Uminova Innovation is active in transforming business ideas to business activities. UI is open to researchers, employees and students connected to the University, the hospital and other research centres in Umeå. UI assesses the feasibility of the business idea, coaches the innovator, provides office space at no cost, determines whether the idea has already been put into practice, etc. Uminova Innovation AB is 50.3 per cent owned by Uminova Holding AB. The other owners are Umeå Kommunföretag AB, SLU Holding and Almi Västerbotten.

Umeå Biotech Incubator AB (UBI)

Umeå Biotech Incubator is a company helping biotechnology researchers to promote their ideas in as many ways as possible. The company provides facilities, including laboratory premises, plus expert advice, to help develop ideas with commercial possibilities. UBI is owned by Uminova Innovation AB.


Foundations associated with Umeå University

Umeå University has links to many organisations and nominates representatives of several boards, among other things. Below are only those organisations where the chairperson is appointed by Umeå University or where the University Board has a responsibility.

  • Lars Färgares farm foundation (Stiftelsen Lars Färgares gård)
  • Student health foundation (Stiftelsen Studenthälsan)

Foundations affiliated with Umeå University

For a foundation to be affiliated with Umeå University, it shall be indicated in the statutes of the foundation. The University Board establishes the annual accounts for all associated foundations.

Foundation management at Umeå University are administered by Pia Lundin at the Financial Office. Several foundations linked to a faculty.

List of foundations (in Swedish)

University Management

The University Management consists of the vice-chancellors and the university directors.

University Board

The University Board is Umeå University’s highest body.

Faculties, schools and institutes

Umeå University has four faculties and seven different schools and institutes.

Department and units

Umeå University has 39 departments and units, and 16 research centres.

Research centres

Where interdisciplinary research is carried out by our internationally successful researchers.

Latest update: 2022-03-01