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University Board

The University Board is the University’s highest body. The decisions they make include the allocation of resources within the University, setting important matters concerning the University’s organisation and lodging annual reports and budget documents to the Government.

The University Board also sets admission regulations for undergraduate and graduate education, and appointments procedures. The University Board assembles four times per year.

Term of Office

1 May 2017 until 30 April 2020 for external representatives

1 January 2016 until 31 December 2018 for teacher representatives


The Board includes eight members who are appointed by the Government and who represent the society and industry, including the chairperson of the Board. Members are also the Vice-Chancellor, three representatives for the teachers and three for the students.

Board members

Representatives for industry and trade

Chairperson Chris Heister, County Governor of Stockholm County (appointed by the Government)

Vice chair, Lars Lustig, County Director of Västerbotten

Professor Mohammad Fazlhashemi

Professor Olle Stendahl

Professor Amy Loutfi

Karin Bodin, CEO

Pär Lärkeryd, CEO

Professor Kerstin Sahlin


Professor Hans Adolfsson is the Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University since 1 July 2016. The Vice-Chancellor is the head of the University and its chief representative. The Vice-Chancellor is among other things responsible for the achievement of the goals set by the University Board. The Vice-Chancellor appoints its Deputy Vice-Chancellors.

Teacher representatives

Professor Kristin Palmqvist

Professor Christer Nordlund

Professor Lars Nyberg

Group substitutes:

First group substitute – Professor Marie Wiberg

Second group substitute – Professor Christina Lindén

Student representatives

Anton Öhrlund, student, Umeå student union

Tine Riklund, student, Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union

Victor Johansson, student, Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology

Group substitute:

Erik Steinwall, student, Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology

Employee representatives (right to attend and speak)

Stellen Elebro, service assistant, SEKO

Johan Pålsson, lecturer, SACO

Peter Lindström, associate professor, OFR


Mimmi Alm, service assistant, SEKO

Håkan Lindkvist, associate professor, SACO

Mats-Åke Moritz Lundkvist, OFR

Other members

Professor Katrine Riklund, Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Daniel Andersson, academy clerk

Advisory bodies

The advisory bodies to the University Board is the Budget Committee and the Audit Committee.

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Advisory and decision-making bodies and partners

Strategic councils

There are four strategic councils at Umeå University that act advisory to the University within their fields – education, research, administration and equal opportunities.

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Committees and councils

There are decision-making and advisory bodies at Umeå University. These committees, boards and councils decide on institution-wide matters and advise the Vice-Chancellor or other boards and councils.

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Corporations and foundations

Umeå University has ties to many corporations and foundations that help strengthen and improve our contacts with trade and industry. Together we share knowledge and develop new ideas.

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