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Umeå University's departments and units are organised under four faculties; arts, medicine, social sciences and science and technology. In addition, research and education is carried out at seven shools and institutes, and sixteen research centres.

University Board

The highest branch at Umeå University is the University Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of the Board to decide on, among other things, the distribution of resources within the University.

The Board is made up of eight members who are appointed by the Swedish government. The board represents both community and business interests. Therefore, it is possible to have a chairperson that is not a member of the University body.

The Board is also made up of the Vice-Chancellor, three members of the Board who represent teachers, and three members of the Board respresenting the student body as well.

University Management

  • Hans Adolfsson: Vice-Chancellor (rektor)
  • Katrine Riklund: Pro-Vice-Chancellor (prorektor) with responsibility for research in medicine, the sciences and technology
  • Dieter Müller: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (vicerektor) with responsibility for research in social sciences, humanities and the arts
  • Heidi Hansson: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (vicerektor) with responsibility for first and second cycle education, and equal opportunities
  • Caroline Sjöberg: University Director (universitetsdirektör)
  • Per Ragnarsson: Deputy University Director (biträdande universitetsdirektör)


Every faculty at Umeå University is headed by a dean, who is also the chairperson for the respective faculty board. The faculty boards are responsible for scientific research, post-graduate education, as well as undergraduate education within the faculty. The board members are elected to their posts, with exception for the student members.


The basic unit of the University is the department. Departments carry out education as well as research within one or several related issues. The department is the primary work place, not just for students, teachers and researchers, but also for other professionals such as secretaries, janitors, technicians and instrument makers. The department is normally lead by a departmental board where at least two students are members. The head of every department has the title – head of department (in Swedish: prefekt).

Schools and institutes

The Schools and Institutes at Umeå University offer depth and distinction which coordinate education and research to promote greater competitiveness.

Research centres

At Umeå University's research centres, a large part of the interdisciplinary research is carried out by our internationally successful and highly respected researchers. Scientists from different areas work together in joint projects. In addition to research centres, such collaboration also takes place in our so-called departmental units.

Research centres at Umeå University

University Administration

The University Administration is responsible for the supporting processes of strategic planning, administration and infrastructure. There are 12 units at the University Administration:

  • Communications Office
  • Financial Office
  • ICT Services and System Developement (ITS)
  • International Office
  • IT Office
  • Building Office
  • Office for External Relations
  • Office for Human Resources
  • Planning Office
  • Student Services
  • Vice-Chancellor's Office
  • University Service Office