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The Arctic Centre's strategic funds

Researchers associated with the Arctic Centre at Umeå University are entitled to apply for funding from the centre’s strategic funds. The funding is intended to support activities that further Arctic research and build collaboration.

The Arctic Centre's purpose is to develop, coordinate and raise the profile of Arctic research and education, to support multidisciplinary Arctic research and inspire interdisciplinary initiatives.

One of the things the centre does to strive in this direction is to offer our associated researchers the opportunity to apply for funding from the centre’s strategic resources.

Arctic Centre's Strategic Funding Call

The total sum of funds available to apply for is SEK 500 000. 

There are four calls from The Arctic Centre’s strategic funds during the year (two per semester). Applications can be made continuously.

First call

Deadline: Wednesday 15 February 2023

Second call

Deadline: Monday 15 May 2023

Third call

Deadline: Tuesday 15 August 2023

Fourth call

Deadline: Wednesday 15 November 2023

Instructions for applicants

In order to be eligible for funding from the Arctic Centre's strategic funds, you must be

  • currently employed at Umeå University
  • a member of the Arctic Centre's associated researcher network.

Read more about the network and becoming a member: Welcome to become an associated researcher to the Arctic Centre at Umeå University.

What can be applied for

The purpose of the strategic resources is to finance activities that are of importance for Arctic research. In particular, the funding is intended to support activities that are beneficial to many members of the network of Arctic researchers, and not only a single individual researcher. Activities that aim to explore and develop transdisciplinary exchanges and collaboration are particularly welcome.

Some examples of activities and cost that may be funded are

  • conference attendances
  • arranging seminars, meetings and workshops
  • field trips
  • inviting visiting researchers
  • costs related to publication, such as language editing services.

The application should describe how the proposed activity will be beneficial for Arctic research at Umeå University, and how the funding will render value and opportunity not just for the applicants themselves, but to the wider community of Arctic researchers at Umeå University.

We encourage our associated researchers to apply for funding jointly with other researchers from the network, and in particular to explore ideas that require trans-disciplinary collaboration.

How much can be applied for

For two or more applicants working together on multi- or interdisciplinary activities the maximum amount of founding is

  • SEK 60 000 for scientific events
    (SEK 40 000 for single applicants)
  • SEK 30 000 for research trips or invitations
    (SEK 20 000 for single applicants)
  • SEK 15 000 for publication costs, including language editing
    (SEK 10 000 for single applicants)

Conditions and requirements

The Arctic Centre at Umeå University welcomes novel and creative ideas about how to put the strategic funds to use. But we do have some conditions and limitations:

  • for sustainability reasons, the Arctic Centre will not cover flight costs or fund travel to one-day meetings
  • publication cost are only acceptable for open access publications.

Associated researchers who are granted funding from the Arctic Centre's Strategic Funds will be expected to

  • give the Arctic Centre the highest possible visibility in the activities, mentioned in publications and presented in workshops context
  • submit a final report in the form a popular science text that will be published on the Arctic Centre's page on the Umeå University website.

Associated researchers who have previously been granted strategic funding but have not have yet submitted their final report can not be granted additional strategic funding from the Arctic Centre until the final report is completed.

Evaluation and selection

The Arctic Centre wants to encourage researchers in the early career stages to apply for strategic funds. The centre is also striving for an equal distribution of gender among the recipients.

Applications will be evaluated and decided upon by the steering group.


Use the online form to apply:

Application for Arctic Centre's Strategic Funds

If you have questions, please contact:

Lena Maria Nilsson
Project coordinator, other position
Latest update: 2023-05-02