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Staff at UPL

Here you find all of us working at Centre for Educational Development (UPL). We look forward to hearing from you.


Agneta Bränberg
Claire Englund

I work as an academic developer at the Centre for Educational Development, Umeå University

Dan Borglund
Hanna Karlsson

I am a finance coordinator at UPL and my tasks involve working with invoices, budget and prognosis. I am also in charge of the communication involving the website and our newsletter.

I work with educational technology.

Johanna Lönngren

Associate professor in science and engineering education, focusing on education for sustainable development and emotions in engineering education.

Jon Svensson

Co-ordinating the program activities for Humlab & UmArts. 

I am also teaching and involved in e-learning support for Humlab and for UPL.

Jörgen Ivarsson

I am a Educational Developer at the department Centre for Educational Development. 

Karl Idberger

Deputy Director and Teaching developer at the Centre for Teaching Development

Katarina Winka

I have a PhD in Systematic Botany and is working as an Educational Developer at the Centre for Educational Development.

Lars Larsson
Marie Friman
Oskar Gedda
Per Andersson
Per Sandin
Peter Vinnervik

IT educationalist at the Centre for Educational Development. PhD in Pedagogical Work (Technology Education). My thesis explores programming in the Swedish curriculum for compulsory school.

Tomas Hjärtström
Åse Tieva