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Experts in political and social science

Looking for an expert in political and social science? Perhaps with the upcoming Swedish general election in mind? Browse through this extensive list of experts from Umeå University.

Click the person's name to access more information and contact details.

If you do not find what you are looking for, the Swedish Research Council runs a service called Expertanswer  in collaboration with Swedish universities, which can also be of help.


Arctic security policy: Niklas Eklund


The Balkans: Dzenan Sahovic
The Baltic: Péteris Timofejevs Henriksson
Biodiversity: Camilla Sandström


Candidate nomination: Magnus Blomgren, Jessika Wide
Capitals of Culture: Rolf Hugoson
Ceasefire agreements: Malin Åkebo
City policy: Rolf Hugoson
Civil society: David Feltenius
Climate policy: Katarina Eckerberg, Rasmus Karlsson, Camilla Sandström
Common-pool resources: Anna Zachrisson
Comparative administration: Niklas Eklund, Anders Lidström
Constitutional policy: David Feltenius
Constitutional reconstruction: Abrak Saati
Crisis management: Veronica Strandh
Cultural heritage in conflicts: Dzenan Sahovic
Cultural policy: Rolf Hugoson


Deliberative democracy: Anna Zachrisson, Camilla Sandström
Democratisation: Abrak Saati


Eastern Europe: Péteris Timofejevs Henriksson
Education policy: Olof Johansson
Educational leadership: Helene Ärlestig
EIP-Agri: Therese Bjärstig
Elderly care policy: David Feltenius
Elderly representation: Jessika Wide
Election turnout, participation: Jessika Wide
Elections and electoral system: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren, Johan Hellström
Emergency preparedness: Dzenan Sahovic
Environmental policy: Katarina Eckerberg, Camilla Sandström, Elsa Reimerson
Equal opportunities policy: Elisabeth Olivius
The EU – European Union: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren, Johan Hellström, Péteris Timofejevs Henriksson
The EU and enlargement: Dzenan Sahovic
The EU and member states: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren
The EU and Sweden: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren, Johan Hellström
European Capitals of Culture: Rolf Hugoson
European history: Rolf Hugoson
Evaluations: Therese Bjärstig


Federalism: Niklas Eklund
Feminism: Elisabeth Olivius
The fight to Government: Torbjörn Bergman, Johan Hellström
Forest policy: Therese Bjärstig, Katarina Eckerberg, Camilla Sandström
Forest social values: Therese Bjärstig
French politics: Rolf Hugoson


Gender and international policy: Elisabeth Olivius
Gender and policy: Jessika Wide
Gender quota: Jessika Wide
Geriatric care: David Feltenius
Global economic institutes: Ann-Sofi Rönnbäck
Globalisation: Ann-Sofi Rönnbäck
Government formation: Torbjörn Bergman, Johan Hellström
Government stability: Johan Hellström
Governments: Torbjörn Bergman, Johan Hellström


Humanitarian aid policy: Péteris Timofejevs Henriksson
Humanitarian aid: Elisabeth Olivius


Indigenous peoples: Elsa Reimerson
Industrial policy: Rolf Hugoson
International immigration policy: Elisabeth Olivius
International immigration: Patrik Johansson, Elisabeth Olivius
International law: Patrik Johansson
International policy: Elisabeth Olivius
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Patrik Johansson
Italian politics: Rolf Hugoson


Leadership: Olof Johansson
Local and regional policy: Magnus Blomgren, Anders Lidström
Local democracy: Magnus Blomgren, Jessika Wide


The Middle East: Patrik Johansson
Mining and mineral policy: Anna Zachrisson
Multicultural schools: Katarina Norberg
Municipal democracy: Jessika Wide, David Feltenius
Municipal planning: Therese Bjärstig
Municipal politicians: Magnus Blomgren, Jessika Wide
Myanmar/Burma: Elisabeth Olivius


Natural resources and administration: Therese Bjärstig, Katarina Eckerberg, Camilla Sandström, Anna Zachrisson, Elsa Reimerson
Nature and landscape preservation: Katarina Eckerberg, Elsa Reimerson, Camilla Sandström, Anna Zachrisson, Therese Bjärstig
New public management (NPM): David Feltenius
Non-profit institutions: David Feltenius
Non-state actors in geriatric care: David Feltenius
Nordic politics: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren


Organisation: Olof Johansson, Niklas Eklund


Participating processes: Camilla Sandström
Party systems: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren, Johan Hellström
Peace processes: Malin Åkebo, Elisabeth Olivius
Peacebuilding: Patrik Johansson, Dzenan Sahovic, Elisabeth Olivius
Policy analysis: Olof Johansson
Political culture: Dzenan Sahovic
Political economy: Torbjörn Bergman, Johan Hellström
Political history of science and ideas: Torbjörn Bergman
Political ideologies: Torbjörn Bergman
Political institutions and systems: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren, Johan Hellström
Political parties: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren, Johan Hellström, Jessika Wide
Political representation and responsibility: Torbjörn Bergman, Johan Hellström
Political theory: Torbjörn Bergman, Magnus Blomgren, Christine Hudson
Post-conflict state-building: Abrak Saati, Dzenan Sahovic
Professional norms in schools: Ulf Leo
Public leadership: Olof Johansson
Public sector and administration policy: Niklas Eklund, David Feltenius, Anders Lidström


Re-election: Johan Hellström
Regional development: Rolf Hugoson
Regional politics: Anders Lidström
Representation of women: Jessika Wide
Representative democracy: Johan Hellström
Rhetoric: Rolf Hugoson
Right-wing populist parties: Péteris Timofejevs Henriksson
Rural development: Therese Bjärstig, Katarina Eckerberg, Camilla Sandström
Rural planification: Therese Bjärstig
Russian and post-Soviet politics: Niklas Eklund


School development: Ulf Leo
School management: Helene Ärlestig, Ulf Leo, Katarina Norberg
School quality assurance procedures: Helene Ärlestig
Security policy: Niklas Eklund
Social representation: Jessika Wide
Sustainability: Therese Bjärstig
The Swedish Police: Niklas Eklund


Terrorism: Veronica Strandh
Trade policy: Ann-Sofi Rönnbäck


Umeå Capital of Culture 2014: Rolf Hugoson
Umeå city history: Rolf Hugoson
The UN – United Nations: Patrik Johansson, Elisabeth Olivius
Urban networks: Rolf Hugoson
Urban policy: Niklas Eklund, Anders Lidström
User influence: Jessika Wide, David Feltenius


War and peace: Patrik Johansson, Dzenan Sahovic
Welfare state: David Feltenius
Wildlife management: Camilla Sandström