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Our staff


Abigail Berta
Alexander Lindén
Alexander Svensson
Ali Dadras
Alp Yurtsever
Amanda Rudälv
Anders Fällström
André Berg
Andreas Brodin
Anna Ivarsson

My job is HR administrator at the department of mathematics and mathematical statistics.

Anton Morian
Antti Perälä

Main research interests: Complex Analysis, Operator Theory and their applications.




Armin Eftekhari

I study the mathematical underpinnings of machine learning (a part of AI) and data science. 

Axel Eriksson
Axel Flinth

Assistant Professor in Mathematics

Berit Bengtson

I am associate professor in mathematics.

Björn Bergdahl
Björn Eriksson
Carl Lundholm
Catarina Rudälv
Cecilia Rydberg
Christian Ewald

Christian Ewald is a Professor of Financial Mathematics with specialization in Financial Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, Risk-Management, and Commodities.

Elin Wiklund
Eric Libby

I am an associate professor at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics and based at the interdisciplinary research center IceLab.

Erik Lundkvist
Erika Bäckman
Fredrik Ohlsson

My research is about applications of geometry in biomathematics and AI. I teach basic courses in mathematics in the engineering and teacher educations and "basåret".

Fredrik Sörensen
Gerold Jäger

I am associate professor (docent) of discrete mathematics at the Department of mathematics and mathematical statistics.

Hanna Isaksson

Mathematical biology and modelling, major transitions in evolution

Henrik Gustafsson
Hoomaan Maskan
Håkan Lindkvist
Istvan Tomon
Jakob Hultgren

Researcher in mathematics with focus on complex geometry and partial differential equations. 

Jesper Jakobsson
Jesper Singh
Jonas Gustafsson
Jonas Westin

Researches mathematical methods and models to investigate social science problems. Teaches courses in mathematical modeling and project courses for civil engineering students.

Jonatan Vallin
Jun Yu

Full Professor in Mathematical Statistics with focus on Statistical Learning and Inference for Spatiotemporal Data, including fundamental research and applications in AI.

Karl Hjalmarsson
Karl Larsson

I am associate professor in mathematics, who teaches and does research within computational mathematics.


Kevin Kamm
Klara Leffler
Klara Stokes

I am Associate Professor in Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics and a member of the research group Discrete Mathematics.

Konrad Abramowicz
Lars Mattsson
Lars-Daniel Öhman

I'm associate professor (docent) of discrete mathematics and director of studies at the department of mathematics and mathematical statistics.

Leif Nilsson
Lisa Hed
Ludvig Bergman
Marcus Olofsson
Markus Ådahl
Mats Bodin
Max Apelqvist Östman
Mehdi Moradi
Mimmi Vestin
Mohammed Al-Dory
Natalya Pya Arnqvist

Associate Professor in Mathematical Statistics. Main research interests: statistical regression modelling and functional data analysis. 

Niklas Fries
Norea Åhlin
Olow Sande
Oskar Fransson
Patrik Rydén

I am Professor of Mathematical Statistics and my research is about developing and applying statistical methods to analyze large and complex data.

Per Arnqvist
Per Åhag

I am a docent of mathematics.

Per-Håkan Lundow
Peter Anton

I am the director of studies and deputy head of department with responsibility for the department's undergraduate education. I am appointed excellent teacher and teach mathematical statistics.

Sandra Bern

Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Science and Technology and board member of The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems & Software Program, WASP.

Sebastian Throm
Siyang Wang

I am an assistant professor in computational mathematics.

Therese Kellgren
Victor Falgas Ravry

Associate Professor in Mathematics. Main research interests: extremal combinatorics and discrete probability.

Latest update: 2021-04-20