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Laserlab Umeå

The Laserlab Umeå (LLU) comprises a collection of laboratories using lasers for their research.

Laserlab Umeå comprises the following laboratories:

  • The Relativistic Attosecond Physics Laboratory (REAL)
    which is a laboratory for the generation, characterization and application of various intense isolated attosecond pulses including electrons and light pulses for studies of laser-plasma physics and attosecond physics
  • The Laser Physics Group
    which develops novel spectroscopic detection techniques for analytical laser spectroscopy, primarily ultra-sensitive trace gas detection, high-precision molecular spectroscopy, and refractometry

  • The Optical Frequency Comb Spectroscopy Group
    which develops and utilizes optical frequency comb spectroscopy for trace gas detection, high-precision molecular spectroscopy, and combustion diagnostics

  • The Applied Laser Spectroscopy Group
    which develops and uses laser based techniques for combustion diagnostics and breath gas analysis

  • The Biophysics and Biophotonics Group
    which utilizes lasers for single cell manipulation and single macro-molecule force spectroscopy

  • The P. Matyba Laboratory
    which performs time-resolved two-photon photo-emission spectroscopy

Within these laboratories Laserlab Umeå provides the following experimental stations for experimental studies:

The research is supported by a number of agencies and foundations, including the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, the Wallenberg Foundation, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and the Kempe Foundation. We gratefully acknowledge their support.

Laserlab is a part of Laserlab Sweden, which you can read more about here.