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News from the Department

Aphids don’t spit in the glass, but preferably in plant sap
Published: 18 Jun, 2021

The gene SLI1 protects arabidopsis and makes aphids spit 20 times before absorbing sugar juice from the plant.

Rooting regulators are evolutionary conserved
Published: 31 May, 2021

With genomes of trees mapped, one can study initiation of adventitious roots from an evolutionary perspective.

Two UPSC postdocs are awarded with an Indian fellowship
Published: 12 Apr, 2021

Vikash Kumar and Jay Prakash Maurya receive the Ramalingaswami Fellowship from the Indian Government.

Early steps in chloroplast development occur earlier than assumed
Published: 28 Dec, 2020

Yan Ji has studied the complex first developmental steps when a cell turns green, in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Explores the evergreen Christmas tree with CRISPR-Cas9
Published: 22 Dec, 2020

The evergreen Christmas tree is our economically most important plant and continuously researched.

Christmas trees can be green because of a photosynthetic short-cut
Published: 21 Dec, 2020

A short-cut in the photosynthesis apparatus means that pine needles can survive the winter.

Cells work together preparing cell walls for water transport
Published: 14 Dec, 2020

Bernadette Sztojka has identified three new regulators involved in this process.

KBC awards the Best Video Research Pitch presentations from the KBC DAYS 2020
Published: 20 Nov, 2020

Congratulations to Lill Eilersten and Lena Lassinantti for winning the Best PhD Student Presentation Awards!

Making sense of complex tree data
Published: 26 Jun, 2020

Bastian Schiffthaler has improved the genome information from aspen and developed bioinformatic tools.

Microalgae high potential for lipid production and water cleaning
Published: 23 Jun, 2020

Jean Claude Nzayisenga validates method to analyse lipid, carbohydrate and protein content of microalgae.

Transgenic trees perform well in a Swedish field trial
Published: 22 Jun, 2020

UPSC study show that genetically modified wood have a higher energy yield for the production of biofuels.

Helping biologists to understand their complex data
Published: 11 Jun, 2020

Chanaka Mannapperuma has developed user-friendly bioinformatics tools for plant biologists.

Plant organ growth is not so different from animals
Published: 16 Jan, 2020

UPSC Researchers demonstrate that death of certain cells in the root facilitate growth of lateral roots

New insights into regulation of root initiation
Published: 05 Dec, 2019

Abdellah Lakehal has studied how the initiation of adventitious roots is regulated at the molecular level.

Plant professor awarded Umeå University Medal of Merit
Published: 01 Mar, 2019

Marianne Sommarin receives Umeå University's Medal of Merit 2019.

Scientists call for new European regulations for GMO
Published: 25 Jul, 2019

In an open letter scientists call for changed European legislation on genetically modified organisms.

Explaining the shape of a leaf with the help of systems biology
Published: 03 Jun, 2019

Barbara Terebieniec has in her thesis identified genes that control the leaf shape of the European aspen.

Many visitors got inspired by the plant’s world
Published: 21 May, 2019

On Saturday, 18th of May, the 5th Fascination of Plants Day was celebrated in Umeå with a public event.

Markus Schmid appointed as new Wallenberg Scholar
Published: 25 Mar, 2019

Professor Markus Schmid receives 18 MSEK Wallenberg Foundations for research without any restriction.

If a tree falls in a forest, can it lift itself up?
Published: 27 Dec, 2018

Bernard shows that trees that cannot perceive the ethylene signal have problems to lift themselves up.

Climate change challenges Norway spruce and its set of symbiotic microorganisms
Published: 27 Nov, 2018

Climate change will affect Norway spruce and also bacteria and fungi that live in symbiosis with the tree.

All genes of the Aspen tree mapped (at last)
Published: 30 Oct, 2018

A team of researchers publish the genomes of two species of aspen trees.

Upcoming decisions concerning CRISPR-Cas9 at EU level are discussed in Nature
Published: 17 Dec, 2015

The question whether genetically edited plants, with new methods, shall be classified as GMOs by...

Wants to find out how plants time their flowering
Published: 24 Oct, 2016

The onset of flowering is a central event in the life cycle of a plant and ensures reproduction....