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On this page we have gathered the most common questions about the application procedure for international students. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here or on the other pages concerning the application procedure, please contact us.

Note that exchange students find information about the application procedure under:
Exchange studies

Before Applying

Where can I find information about programmes in English?

You can find more information about available courses or programmes in English in our online course catalogue.

How do I apply?

Sweden has a national admissions system (University Admissions) that enables applicants to submit one application for courses and programmes in Sweden.

More information about applications can be found on our web page How to apply.

Do I have to pay tuition fees?

With a few exceptions, all citizens of countries outside of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are required to pay tuition fees for education at Umeå University at the undergraduate and advanced level.

Tuition fees and funding

What is considered full time studies?

Full-time studies constitutes being enrolled in 30 ECTS for an academic term. In other words, if you decide to take individual courses, they must add up to a minimum of 30 ECTS credits in order to be considered a full-time student. For applicants requiring a residence permit (those outside of the EU/EEA), you will not be approved by the Swedish Migration Agency if you have less than 30 ECTS on campus courses.

How many courses/credits can I study in one term?

To be a full-time student you have to study 30 ECTS credits per term (ex. 7.5 ECTS courses x 4 courses per term). You cannot be accepted to more than 45 ECTS per term without obtaining special permission to do so.

Are there any restrictions concerning the types of courses/programmes I may take?

You need to meet the entry requirements for the courses/programmes you apply for. The entry requirements are stated under the course description.

Note: Exchange students have a separate course offering and should apply for courses listed at:

Exchange Studies - search courses

Can I apply for a master's programme if I haven't completed my final year of undergraduate (bachelor's) studies?

You can apply to a Master's programme during the last year of your undergraduate degree programme. Your application may be considered if you provide the necessary documentation on the University Admission website.

If you have not uploaded your complete transcript and degree by the start of the programme, you will not be able to register as a programme student. This applies to all applicants, both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA applicants.

Can I learn Swedish during my studies?

Umeå University offers beginner's level courses in Swedish, both during the Autumn and the Spring semester. It is possible to take these courses parallel to other courses, but they do not lead to basic eligibility in Swedish for higher education. They are open to all international students, which includes students under formal exchange agreements and students in degree programmes. 

Learn Swedish

Basic eligibility in Swedish

We also offer intensive courses in Swedish for student who would like to study the language full time. There are three 30 ECTS courses in progression which lead to eligibility in Swedish for studies in programs and courses where Swedish is the language of instruction. Please note that these courses are only offered certain semesters: courses one and three are offered in the Spring semester and course two in the Autumn semester.

Intensivkurs i svenska 1: grundläggande kurs

Intensivkurs i svenska 2: fortsättningskurs

Intensivkurs i svenska 3: behörighetsgivande kurs

These courses are only available on the Swedish application web site antagning.se. If you need guidance to make an application, please visit Infocenter on Campus Umeå or contact a general study counsellor.


When applying

What do I have to include with my application?

You have to include:

  • certified true copies of your high school diploma
  • certified true copies of your previous university/college credits.

These copies will be used in the assessment of your application at Umeå University.

From some countries, student copies of transcripts are not accepted. They have to be verified by the issuing university, in some cases sent directly to the University Admissions. For more information, please visit University Admissions.

The transcripts must be in English or Swedish, with the exception of transcripts from Scandinavian countries. However, in order to avoid misinterpretation, even these transcripts should be translated into English.

You must also include documents that prove your level of English proficiency.
Everything you need to know about English language requirements

I need to send my supporting documents by Air Courier - which address should I send to?

Please use the following address when sending your documents by air courier:

PostNord Strålfors AB
Att: University Admissions in Sweden
R 312
SE-190 81 Rosersberg

When I applied at the University Admissions website, I did not receive a cover sheet. What do I have to do?

The cover sheet is intended for foreign applicants who do not have a personal identification number (personnummer). Students with a Swedish personal identification number need to include that number on any documentation they submit to the University Admissions in Sweden.

What you need to do is to make a copy of the confirmation that you will receive when you have successfully applied on-line. Send this copy together with the required documentation. If your documentation is sent by another party make sure that they have your national registration number and application number so that the documentation can be matched to your application.

Note: this also applies to applicants with temporary identity in the admissions system.

How do I prove that I meet the English language requirement?

Most degree programmes and courses at Umeå University require what is called English Level 6 (advanced level) language proficiency, which can typically be demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • IELTS (Academic) total score 6.5 (with no section less than 5.5)
  • TOEFL (ibt) internet-based score of 20 (scale 0-30) in written test and a total score of 90
  • Through previous upper secondary studies or previous university studies

English language requirements (University Admissions website)

What is a certified true copy?

Copies that are stamped and signed by an official of the school, a public notary or embassy staff, and that attest that the copy has not been manipulated so that it deviates from the original.

The official stamp and the name of the person attesting should be clearly legible. Notary Public is not accepted from India, Pakistan, Cameroon or Nigeria. Unless specifically requested, you should never submit original documents. Original documents will not be returned.


After Application

I have applied online. How do I know that you have received my documents?

When you apply for courses or programmes in Sweden your credentials are first processed by the Swedish Council of Higher Education. For questions regarding your documents, contact them directly through the contact form on their webpage.


Merit rating of previous academic studies

At Umeå university, merit rating takes place at the end of the assessment process, after the number of qualified applicants becomes clear. The merit rating is only changed for applicants to programmes or courses where there are more qualified applicants than places.

If you have an academic degree that is registered by the Swedish Council of Higher Education in your account in University admissions, a degree equivalent to or higher than a bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a Swedish kandidatexamen), it is given the nominal merit rating of 180 ECTS, regardless of its actual length. Applicants who are in their last year of a bachelor’s programme are given the nominal rating of 150 ECTS.

When merit rating is needed, applicants, who have further studies in addition to the nominal rating, will have their merit rating adjusted in accordance with what has been documented by the applicant and verified by the Swedish Council of Higher Education.

Only academic credits that are reported no later than the last application day are included in the calculation of merit rating.

In the case of a late application, the merit rating is based on the day on which the late application was received and not on your upper secondary high school qualifications or academic qualifications.

There are often more eligible applicants than places available. As the number of applicants for each course and programme - and the merit rating of these applicants - changes from semester to semester, it's impossible to say what merit rating is required for a place in specific courses and programmes in a specific semester.

Applicants to programmes using GMAT for merit rating

The rating will be changed to the right selection group if the GMAT result is sent directly from the test holder to universityadmission.se or Umeå University. Contact us if you see that you have a GMAT result but have not been placed in the right selection group. We do not accept GRE and GMAT is not mandatory. However, applicants who meet the eligibility requirements and have provided a GMAT result will be selected first in the order of their results and the remaining applicants will be ranked according to academic credits.

When do I receive the Notification of Selection Results?

There are different admission rounds with different dates and deadlines. For international students dates can also vary depending on if you have applied for bachelor's or master's studies.

You'll find detailed information on:

Key dates and deadlines

I have received my selection results but I have difficulty understanding it

The information in the Notification of Selection Results includes general information sent to all applications. If you have been admitted to a course/programme the word "Admitted" will be clearly written next to the programme or course name.

If the word "Deleted" is written next to the programme or course, then you have not been admitted. The motivation for this is given in the notes.

Can I change courses?

Umeå University does not have an add-drop period. If you wish to change a course, you have to make a new application at Universityadmissions.This does not apply for exchange students, please visit the Exchange student FAQ.  

Always remember to decline courses that you will not take. Please note, if you have declined a course you cannot be readmitted without making a new application.

I cannot attend the course/programme on time. Can I apply for deferment of studies?

If you are admitted to a course or a programme and have a valid reason to why you are not able to begin your studies, you can apply for a deferment.

To apply for a deferment means that you are applying to postpone the start of your studies until another semester when the course or programme is offered. 

To be granted a deferment, you will need to have a valid reason (e.g. social or medical). Examples of valid reasons include the care of children under one year of age, military or civic service, student union assignments or that your employer has denied or postponed your application for leave for studies. 

Deferment is granted for up to a maximum of 18 months. An application for a deferment with the start of studies must, together with a certificate proving the reasons, be sent to Student Services at Umeå University by email to antagning@adm.umu.se before the education begins, or as soon as possible. 
If you send the application with a certificate via e-mail, all attached files must be submitted as PDF-files. You can appeal the deferment decision. 
Application for deferment 


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