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Gender and pedagogical processes in society

Researchers in the group Gender and Pedagogical Processes in Society (GePS) investigates gender and power in pedagogical processes in various societal contexts. Put differently we study gender as interactive processes where human identity is being (re-)shaped in different social, cultural and historical contexts.


Processes such as upbringing and socialisation are studied in different pedagogical practices, for example within school, family, working life or different types of associations. Our research is focused on gender and power in relation to how, and why, specific values, knowledge and skills are (re)produced within and between different generations, groups and individuals.

GePS has the overall responsibility to implement gender research into the courses, programmes and doctoral studies offered at the Department of Education.

GePS cooperates with networks based in the local, national as well as the international context. Examples of networks are, Umeå Center for Gender Studies (UCGS), the Graduate School of Gender Studies (GFS), the Graduate School of Educational Science (FU), Family Research at Umeå University and the Swedish Network for Family and Kinship Studies. GePS also has a long history of international cooperation concerning both research and education with universities in Namibia, Ethiopia and Laos.