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RiseB - Research Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Business

The Research Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Business (RiseB) strives to be a force for change in a sustainable and ethical direction. This is achieved by developing and communicate research, and by training and interacting in relation to business-related decision making.

Questions on the individual and organizational levels are focused and a diversity of perspectives and methods is seen as necessary to analyze globally recognized social and environmental problems. Different types of organizational forms are studied and activities at the institute involve researchers from all research areas at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) at Umeå University and also researchers and networks within and outside the University of Umeå.

The purposes of the institute are to:

  • Conduct and publish research in the area of sustainability and ethics in business.
  • Stimulate an active research environment including seminars, workshops, guest researchers and strategic collaborations.
  • Develop new research projects related to the key areas of the institute.
  • Facilitate support for research activities and funding applications.
  • Communicate research results with the broader community.
  • Assist in the development of higher education in the key areas of the institute.
  • Provide a forum for debating issues concerning business, sustainability and society.

At RiseB we are always interested in coming in contact with companies, organizations, networks, researchers, students and the public to discuss sustainability and business ethics.

If wish to contact the institute you can reach us by mail at or by contacting staff. We also have a mailing list where you can subscribe to news about the institute.

Responsible for the institute is Herman Stål at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics, Umeå University.


New publication accepted in Scandinavian Journal of Management

Hervé Corvellec, Lund, and Herman Stål, publishes new research in Scandinavian Journal of Management.

In the paper "Qualification as corporate activism: How Swedish apparel retailers attach circular fashion qualities to take-back systems" it is explained how corporations can develop market-based activities to influence environmental policies. The paper shows how qualification helps corporations feature fashion as potentially sustainable and able to develop circular material flows, with the aim to enroll staff, customers, and other stakeholders in new behaviours and patterns of responsibility. Moreover the term corporate activism is used to demonstrate how corporations use qualification to engage in market-based activities with the aim of influencing the regulatory agenda.

The accepted version of the paper can be obtained via an email to

New publication in Organization & Environment

Maxim Vlasov publishes new research in the prestigious journal Organization & Environment.

In the paper "In Transition Toward the Ecocentric Nexus - How nature helps entrepreneur make venture more regenerative over time" Vlasov examines how an entrepreneur interacts with nature so that nature becomes a partner in the development of the venture. Thereby Vlasov makes an important contribution to the emergent ecocentric understanding of organizing and entrepreneurship.

The article can accessed via the following link:

Head of project

Staff photo Herman Stål Herman Stål Senior lecturer (associate professor)
RiseB thesis prize
RiseB thesis prize

RiseB thesis prize in sustainability and business ethics.


A selection of research published by RiseB researchers.