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A Europe in change

Europe is facing a crossroads in 2019, including European Parliament elections and the formal implementation of Brexit.

But as Europeans, do we choose  to move towards a stronger and greater community, or will more countries follow in Britain's path and leave the European project for a more nationalistic and populist agenda? Perhaps the future consists of a united Europe, though with countries that are integrated at different rates and cooperate at various levels?

In order to contribute with scientific facts and improve the image of the developments, Umeå University is placing a special focus on the situation in Europe and how the future looks for the EU and its citizens.

Feature articles on Europe

Rising temperatures heighten ill-health

According to Maria Nilsson, illness due to climate change is already a fact for Swedes and Europeans.

Low interest in the EU also in election year

Johan Hellström says the May election can turn the balance of power in the Europe's most important parliament.

Terrorism takes new forms

There are signs that the last, so-called religious wave, is changing.

Believes in a change in GMO legislation

Stefan Jansson, professor of plant physiology, believes it's an ideal time to make legal changes.

Artificial intelligence for humans

AI research at Umeå University is partly specialised in ethics and social affairs.

Means of terrorism become more poisonous

A growing problem in Europe is that individuals handle harmful substances.

From contempt to sheer admiration

How the Iranian image of Europe has changed according to Professor Mohammad Fazlhashemi.

Open doors to Europe

Erasmus+ offers students good chances to study a term abroad in another European country.

Nordic Noir trendsetting in Europe

Katarina Gregersdotter is part of an EU project studying the formation of Europe's cultural identity.

Latest update: 2019-02-28