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Department of Geography and Economic History


Desirée Enlund, postgraduate student

PhD candidate in Human Geography in the borderland between political, economic and feminist geography.

Dieter Müller, professor

Deputy Vice-chancellor Dieter Müller is responsible for research, postgraduate education and outreach within the social sciences and humanities at Umeå University. Being the chairman of the Arctic Center (ARCUM) and UB, is part of his assignment. He is a professor of social and economic geography and past dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In his research, Dieter Müller works on issues related to tourism, mobility and regional development not least in northern areas.

Erika Sandow, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Researching the area of population mobility, such as commuting and migration, and teaches courses in spatial planning, GIS and quantitative methods.

Louise Eriksson, researcher

Louise Eriksson is a docent in psychology and work as a researcher in environmental psychology.

Rikard Eriksson, professor

Focus on spatial dimesions of employment, structural change and growth. Chair of the board for Center for Regional Science (CERUM) and the director of graduate studies in human geography.

Therese Danley, postgraduate student

PhD candidate in human geography with a focus on social and economic geography