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Department of Geography


Aina Tollefsen, associate professor
Carina Keskitalo, professor

E. Carina H. Keskitalo is Professor of Political Science with a focus on environmental policy (eight books and over a hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles/book chapters).

Cenk Demiroglu, senior research assistant
Charlotta Hedberg, associate professor

Charlotta Hedberg is Associate Professor and lecturer. Her research focusses on migration in relation to international labour, transnational networks and downshifting.

Dieter Müller, professor

I am Deputy Vice-Chancellor of research and postgraduate education within the social sciences and humanities at Umeå University. I am also professor of social and economic geography.

Doris Carson, assistant professor

Doris Carson is a human geographer with an interest in the socio-economic development of small communities in sparsely populated areas in the northern inland of Sweden and the Outback of Australia.

Emelie Hane-Weijman, postdoctoral fellow

Doing research on labour market changes, labour mobility and regional development and resilience. Hold a postdoc position in geography and affiliated with the Centre for regional science (CERUM).

Emma Landby, doctoral student

PhD candidate in human geography focusing on transport mobility. Teaching tourism courses.

Emma Lundholm, associate professor

Associate Professor and lecturer in Human Geography, doing reserach on interregional migration in Sweden. Teaching Population Geography on bachelor and advanced level.

Erika Sandow, associate professor

Researching the area of population mobility, such as commuting and migration, and teaches courses in spatial planning, GIS and quantitative methods.

Heather Mackay, senior research assistant
Irma Olofsson, doctoral student

I am a Phd-Student in human geography. My research is about seasonal labour migration to agrarian sector and rural development. 

Linda Lundmark, associate professor
Lotta Brännlund, financial coordinator
Louise Eriksson, research fellow

Louise Eriksson is a docent in psychology and work as a researcher in environmental psychology.

Madeleine Eriksson, associate professor

Most recent research project is about the housing situation for newly arrived refugees. Teaching classes in planning and qualitative methods

Marco Eimermann, assistant professor

My research is based on interviews in sparsely populated areas about incoming entrepreneurs’ contributions to rural development.

Mari Nuga, postdoctoral fellow
Rikard Eriksson, professor

Professor of Economic Geography with special interest in employment, structural change and regional development. Associate head of department (Geography) and co-director at CERUM.

Roger Marjavaara, associate professor

Dr. Roger Marjavaara is associate professor in tourism geography. He is coordinator of the tourism programme. Focus of the research is towards the causes and effect of human mobility.

Sofia Eriksson, financial administrator
Therese Danley, doctoral student

PhD candidate in Geography, with a specialization in economic geography

Zoltán Elekes, senior research assistant

PhD in economics, doing research on topics of evolutionary economic geography and social networks. Currently studying the role of co-worker networks in the wage-mobility of low-wage workers in Sweden.