Per Westerlund

Through simple studies of his surroundings, Per Westerlund sketches and paints in order to relate to reality.

Sitting and observing things that happen to be nearby such as a bottle, can mean that something ordinary and familiar is experienced as foreign. The essence of the bottle changes with time and through the eyes. The unknown aspects of the bottle lead to an interest in reproducing it. The reproduction becomes a dialogue between reality and a transient appreciation of it.

Per's room has been reproduced in Notes. Along with the memories of the room, sketches have formed the basis for paintings that were done of the school. The paintings are of two small notebooks are done in an enlarged format that is to scale. For a period of time, the notebooks were journeying between home and the studio. A fragmented perception of space, presence and time has emerged during the process.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

Notes: Oil on wood, pen on paper. The work consists notebooks of four paintings, which two belongs to a diptych Each painting: 175 x 120 cm


Per Westerlund, born 1986, Bollnäs (Swedish).

Latest update: 2022-11-24