Tekla Bergman Fröberg

Tekla Bergman Fröberg is interested in memories, both visible and invisible, and in deconstructing the current reality with different approaches and putting it together into new forms and readings.

She searches for lost insights, lost sentences and languages. In her sculptural works, she often uses objects that have been thrown away and ended up in the darkest corner of the garbage dump: forgotten things, lost things, but also things that were once loved in the flow of time. When they are found, she gives them new life. She is fascinated by how fragile most things are, and also life in general. Art for her is a tool for understanding herself and her place on earth. She sees it as her calling to thoroughly examine the hidden and mysterious that hides on the fringes of our perception.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

57°12'01.4"N 12°11'04.4"E
57°41'55.6"N 11°59'14.4"E
63°48'49.5"N 20°18'07.4"E, Collection of objects / Sculpture

Signals From a Hole Under the Sky, Ceramics and porcelain

Point Me To the Sky, Mixed media

Lifetime, Video, 9.27 min. in a loop


Tekla Bergman Fröberg, born 1994, Gothenburg (Swedish).

Latest update: 2022-12-05