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Eric Seppas

b. 1989, the woods of Västmanland, Sweden


Fast emellan mitten med mig, 2023
[Stuck in the Middle with Me]
Room installation: oil on canvas, soil and clay

Eric Seppas combines painting and spatial installation in works that ask questions about our present time. He is interested in spatialities in both external and internal worlds, in group dynamics, and in relationships between spaces we share with others.

Seppas reacts to the growing polarisation of society and how this seep into our minds. People’s ideas seem to spread like viruses and create systems. Misunderstandings arise even though we actually share the same space. Positions and opinions become imperative as we are coloured by our surroundings, our friends and our families. In the installation Fast emellan mitten med mig [Stuck in the Middle with Me], the space is dominated by large paintings that surround us, the viewers. Reflections, echoes and repetitions can be seen in these paintings. Seppas gives us the feeling of being caught in a space between. The mound of earth may represent human existence and remains, affected by wear and tear and by polarisation. The soil contains our history and our future, and it can be fertilised and create growth.
Change happens, but slowly.

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