Image: Mikael Lundgren

Emie // Eva-Marie Elg

b. 1982, Borlänge, Sweden


A Sexual Series: Visningsex , 2016–2023
Video, internet-based installation
3:50 min

HUMAN POWER BOT PLUG by E-ME: Prototype II, 2023
Sculpture: glass, thermoelectric technology.
In collaboration with Anders Lundström.

In her work, Emie // Eva-Marie Elg focuses on sexual themes that challenge power relations. Through cyborg drag, performance, video and installation, she addresses her themes with a posthumanist perspective on humankind’s place in the world and our relationship with the Other (robot, animal, nature, etc.).

A Sexual Series is a series of artistic self-reflections that Emie began in 2016 during a master’s course at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. This theme emerged from her own experiences as asexual, i.e. not feeling sexual attraction, but also from having metal parts in her body following a scoliosis operation. This resulted in a cyborg drag alter ego – a sexbot as a metaphor for the posthumanist aspects of her body.

The installation A Sexual Series: Visningsex consists of three videos representing the series as a whole: Ace of Baes (2016–ongoing), Touch Me Instead (2020), UNI VERSE ◆UNIRE(LI)GION (2020–21), and HUMAN POWER BOT PLUG by E-ME: Prototype II (2023). The music used in the installation has been created in collaboration with Fredrik Hjalmarsson and Bobby Corolla. Emie has previously worked as an artist in Malmö and London.

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Latest update: 2023-06-21