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Fredrik Zanichelli

b. 1995, Malmö, Sweden


Bojen var i slutändan borta, 2023
[The buoy was in the end lost]
Installation och publikation

  • Bojen var i slutändan borta och ön var lika (o)nåbar som alltid, 2023
    [The buoy was in the end lost, and Ön as (un) reachable as always]
    Patinated copper, steel wire, lashing bracket
  • Bojen var i slutändan borta men sen fick älven ge vika för avståndet I, II och IV, 2023
    [The buoy was in the end lost, but the river had to give way to distance I, II and IV]
    Spruce wood, aluminium, steel wire, lashing bracket

In his art, Fredrik Zanichelli explores phenomena that – at first glance – may seem obvious. Concepts such as memory, time and distance are examined and re-evaluated to become visual narratives questioning what we perceive as truth. The works take shape in interaction with the different materials and their inherent properties.

In the installation Bojen var i slutändan borta [The buoy was in the end lost], Zanichelli reflects the landscape outside of Bildmuseet using copper, wires, spruce wood, aluminium and a publication. The work originates from the artist’s relationship with Ön, an island in the Umeälven River, which he never set foot on but explored during several boat trips in an inflatable rubber boat. During these he also passed a buoy, which later disappeared.

“The relationship between me and the buoy turned out, like my relationship with Ön, to suggest that distance is not always the opposite of proximity; that loss is not always the opposite of gain.”

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