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Profiles and Features

Profiles and Features on some of our co-workers at USBE.

RiseB portrait: Elin Nilsson

On antibiotic resistance, the future of milk, and the challenge of making the right choice as a consumer.

RiseB portrait: Lucas Haskell

On social innovations for ecological crises, and ups and downs of doing a PhD.

Designing the tax system in the best possible way

Thomas Aronsson, Professor of Economics, examines issues that all the world's politicians are grappling with.

RiseB portrait: Karl Johan Bonnedahl

On strong sustainability, social innovation and the existential dimension of research work.

“All life is problem solving”

In his research Frank Figge tackles sustainability issues crucial for the future of mankind.

RiseB portrait: Quang Evansluong

On societal challenges in Sweden and Vietnam and being a researcher with a multicultural background.

Fearless and ground-breaking environmental economist

Runar Brännlund, one of Umeå University’s most outspoken voices is preparing to draw back.

Guiding students through unknown terrains

Catherine Lions is awarded for her educational skills and strong commitment to her students.

Developing accurate statistical methods

Award-winning researcher Tetiana Gorbach develops methods to analyse longitudinal data.

Driven by passion and curiosity

Oscar Stålnacke has been awarded the 2021 USBE Scientific Award in Business Administration.

RiseB portrait: Siarhei Manzhynski

On studying coopetition, taking a second PhD degree, and doing things with mindfulness.

RiseB portrait: Alice Annelin

On passion for sustainability education and new ways to think about accounting.

RiseB portrait: Johan Jansson

On climate transitions in the transportation system, opportunities and risks of circular economy.

Finding sustainable solutions takes a whole team of people

Johan Jansson studies the norms and attitudes that drive more environmentally sustainable consumption.

With an ambition to influence policy

Sofia Lundberg combines research on public procurement with the task of leading USBE.

Javier Jo is Global Swede of 2020

Born and raised in Guatemala. After studies and work in China, USA, Switzerland and Dubai, he then chose Umeå.

"Sustainability requires systems thinking"

For many years, H&M's new CEO Helena Helmersson has been on a mission to turn them into a sustainable company.

Oskar in Turin

Oskar chose to study in Italy.

Sustainable trio of perspectives

They have different methods at their departments to help shape the future through sustainable development.