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Impact of Scientific Research Beyond Academia

Tid Onsdag 3 mars, 2021 kl. 09:00 - 12:00
Plats Zoom

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Zoom: https://umu.zoom.us/j/66454792202

Impact of Scientific Research Beyond Academia

Research funding agencies as well as universities increasingly seek to understand and assess how research translates into societal impact. Attempts to promote and measure knowledge exchange between academia and society as well as to capture the impact of research has increased. Most indicators focus on bibliometric and economic outputs which are relatively easy to measure, however it is more difficult to answer the broader societal benefits.

Inbjuden talare

David Budtz Pedersen, Professor of Science Communication and Impact Studies; Department of Communication & Psychology, Aalborg University Copenhagen Head of Research for Humanomics Research Centre.

His research focuses on science and innovation studies, research management and impact assessment. He frequently acts as speaker and policy adviser to international governments and funding agencies. Dr. Pedersen has about 150 entries on his list of publications ranging from research papers, research monographs, edited volumes, policy reports, op-ed columns and newspaper articles. He is the Chair of the EU COST High-Level Expert Group on Science Communication. In 2020, he was appointed Science Adviser on Algorithms, Data and Democracy by the Villum & Velux Foundations. Website: https://vbn.aau.dk/en/persons/129965

Topic summary

The workshop will give an overview of the topic as well as hands-on
exercises on how to apply it.


09.00-09.10 Welcome (Birgitta Olofsson)
09.10-10.10 Workshop Session I (David Budtz Pedersen)
10.10-10.30 Break
10.30-11.30 Workshop Session II (David Budtz Pedersen)
11.30-12.00 Wrap up questions and closing remarks (Anna-Karin
Hurtig & Erik Rosendahl)



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