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Departmental Staff

Head of Department


Aftab Nadeem
Agnes Regos
Agneta Liljeberg
Alexander Glotov
Alexandra Berg
Allison Churcher
Ana Henriques De Oliveira
Anders Byström
Andrea Puhar
Anju Bala
Anna-Mia Johansson
Annika Berglund
Anthony Sun
Aparna Biswas
Arjun Balakrishnan
Atin Sharma
Aynal Haque Rana
Barbara Sixt

My research focuses on cell-autonomous immunity and bacterial evasion strategies

Björn Schröder

My research focuses on the interaction between diet, gut microbiota and mucosal barrier function.

Cervantes-Rivera Ramón
Chayan Kumar Saha
Claire Sayers
Cyrinne Achour
David Cisneros Armas

I study molecular mechanisms of human bacterial symbionts.

Debojyoti Das
Debra L Milton

I am the national director for the National Doctoral Programme in Infections and Antibiotics, NDPIA, and I am a group leader studying infection biology at the Department of Molecular Biology.

Denise Rawcliffe

My research project is centered around the protein POF (Painting of Fourth). POF specifically binds to the fourth chromosome of the fruitfly (Drosophila melanogaster).  

Dennis Svedberg
Devendra Kumar Maurya
Dharmender Kumar
Dominik Fischer
Dorothee Langenbach
Ellen Bushell

MiMS group leader and malaria researcher interested in parasite-host interactions.

Emilia Johansson
Emilio Bueno

I study adaptations of pathogenic bacteria to adverse environments.

Eric Toh
Felipe Cava

I am a group leader at MIMS and researching the cell walls of bacteria.

Feyza Ramstedt
Firoj Mahmud
Francesca Aguilo
Hanna Eriksson
Hasan Tukenmez
Henrik Lindehell
Himanshu Sharma
Ingela Nilsson
Ionut Sebastian Mihai

I am a phD student at the industrial Doctoral School.

Isabelle Sjöström
Jacob Lewerentz
Jan Larsson

I am a professor of genetics and my research is focused on understanding the meaning and function of chromosomes to organize the genome and to make it function properly.

Javier Avila-Carino
Jeanette Tångrot
Jennifer Pentz
Jenny Persson

Our study is focused on studying cancer metastasis and developing targeted drugs. 

Johan Henriksson

I am a researcher in T-cell biology and development of new methods (bioinformatics algorithms and wet lab protocols), with special emphasis on immunotherapy and CAR T cells.

Jonas Barandun

As a structural biologist, I am fascinated by how evolution has shaped important molecular mechanisms and how pathogens use these for infection. I am a SciLifeLab National Fellow.

Kai Ehrenbolger
Karolis Vaitkevicius
Karsten Meier
Katarina Vielfort
Katharina Wulff

Katharina Wulff studies the physiological mechanisms of mammalian timing behaviour from infancy to adulthood and the way in which biological clocks exploit daylight to entrain to the environment. 

Kemal Avican
Kristina Nilsson
Lalitha Tadala
Lana Jachmann
Laura Alvarez
Lena Svensson
Leon Jona Schierholz
Lucia Perez Jimenez
Magnus Ölander
Marek Wilczynski
Maria Ivanova
Maria Kim
Marta Nieckarz
Matthew Francis

Research: Understanding the physiology and pathogenesis of bacteria

Education: Director of undergraduate education at the Department of Molecular Biology

Mikael Wikström
Milica Milivojevic
Mirjam Hunziker
Moa Lundkvist
Nathan Jespersen
Nina Norgren
Nora Lehotai

Project coordinator and responsible for communications at The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden, MIMS. 

Oihane Irazoqui
Oliver Billker

My research is about genome scale approaches to understand the biology of malaria parasites and how they interact with the mosquitoes that transmit them.

Palwasha Baryalai
Paula Petronela Groza
Peter Lind

Forecasting experimental evolution of biofilm formation and antibiotic resistance

Puja Tiwary
Rahel Winiger
Rashmi Mishra
Sandhya Malla
Sandra Holmberg
Sara Hernandez
Saskia Erttmann
Sophia Hernandez
Staffan Andersson
Stefanie Sandberg
Sun Nyunt Wai

Sun Nyunt Wai is Professor of Medical Microbial Pathogenesis and conducts research on the properties of pathogenic bacteria at the molecular level.

Tatiana Kan
Teresa Frisan

Teresa Frisan, PhD, is Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology at Umeå University, actively involved in research and in teaching within the frame of undergraduate programs.

Teresa Tiensuu
Thanat Chookajorn
Theerarat Kochakarn
Tianyan Wang
Ulf Persson
Vicky Shingler

I am full professor and studying environmental signal sensing and integration.

Victor Pinedo
Vikash Pandey
Viktor Skog
Viktoria Vedin

Study councellor for the Bachelor's programmes in Life science and Biomedicine, Master's programmes in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine.

Yngve Östberg
Yunpo Zhao
Yuri Schwartz