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Alexander Agrell

I am a Phd student at the Industrial doctoral School.

Andreas Stenling

Associate Professor in psychology. I study the link between physical activity and health across the life course, motivational processes, and leadership.

Anita Pettersson-Strömbäck


My name is Anita and I'm a lecturer at the Department of Psychology. I research and teach about working life and health from a psychological perspective.

Anna Sundström
Anna Söderholm
Anna-Maria Johansson

My research is focused children's typical and atypical development in areas of sensori-motor function and cognition and their interrelations. I teach within developmental psychology.

Anna-Sara Claeson
Annika Nordlund

My research interest falls within the areas of environmental and social psychology, and is focused on motive and barriers behind environmental behavior. 

Brian Mc Guigan
Camilla Hakelind

I am a licensed psychologist and I also have a social worker degree. My main research interest lies within the health psychology area.

Chatrine Westerlund
Claudia Lampic

I work as a professor in psychology, with a focus on clinical psychology. My research focuses on psychological aspects of somatic disease, primarily cancer and infertility.

Daniel Hagström

I am a PhD student with the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University.

Elisabeth Åström
Erica Åström

I work as a study administrator and international coordinator for psychology. You will find my office in room 101, corridor A in Behaviour Science Building

Erik Domellöf

Psychologist, Associate Professor of psychology, Senior lecturer in developmental psychology. Research and development resource at the Habilitation Centre, Region Västerbotten.

Erik Lundkvist
Felix Thiel
Fredrik Sjödin

Senior lecturer and researcher focusing on organizations, work environment and health.

Gregory Neely

I am a professor in psychology and conduct research and teaching in cognitive and human factors psychology. I am currently the Pro Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. 

Gustaf Wadenholt
Hanna Irehill
Ingrid Schéle

I am a Senior Lecturer and Distinguished university teacher in work and organizational psychology. I also teach qualitative methods.

Jenny Feltenmark

Student Advisor for Psychologist program and Psychoterapeutic program

Joanna Andersson

Book most of the department's writing rooms. Orders office supplies. As well as other study administration.

Johanna Lidgren
John Andersson
Linus Andersson

I'm a docent in psychology, studying environmental intolerances and human judgment processes. I'm a teacher, and the deputy director at Umeå's science center Curiosum.

Linus Holm

Why do we solve puzzles, retrieve memories and forage information for its own sake - and what knowledge might an AI equipped with human curiosity uncover? 

Lotta Strömsten

Research in the field of suicidology with a focus on risk and protective factors for repeated self-harm behavior. Teaches research methodology, statistics and emotional psychology.

Louise Davis

Louise’s research interests lie in social and developmental psychology with focus on the role of parents, coaches and peers.

Magdalena Domellöf

I am a researcher with a focus on medical psychology. I am mainly researching memory and attention problems in persons with Parkinson's disease.

Maria Nordin

My research interests are within the field of developmental, cognitive and clinical psychology. I lecture in courses on developmental, clinical and cognitive psychology.

Marius Sommer
Markus Nyström

I am a licensed psychologist and lecturer in psychology. My main areas of interest are: clinical psychology, sports psychology (both from a health and performance-approach) and emotions.

Mats Reinhold

I am a doctoral student at the Dep. of Psychology, and I am affiliated with the Gender Research School at the Umeå Center for Gender Studies. My research is about destructive leadership and gender.

Mattias Lundberg

My area of interest is Work and Organizational Psychology, and mostly recruitment and selection. I also find scientific communication with the society important.

Michael Gruber

I am the director of studies and deputy head of department with educational responsibility at the School of Architecture. I also teach and research at the Department of Psychology.

Michael Rönnlund
Michael Trotter
Moa Eirell
Mona Wiklund-Hed
Niclas Kaiser

My research interest is on the process of intersubjectivity, implicit shared intentionality, systemic processes and its evolutionary and biological underpinning including its meaning.

Nils Berginström

I am a psychologist and associate professor in clinical psychology. My main clinical, teaching and research interests include neuropsychological assessment, rehabilitation medicine and neuroscience.

Patrik Hansson
Paul Davis

 I am a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Umeå University in Sweden. I am a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Petter Widmark
Rebecka Ekelund

I am a clinical psychologist and a doctoral student in clinical sport psychology. My dissertation focusses on treatments/interventions for mental health problems in athletes.  

Robert Lundmark

I am a licensed Psychologist, specialized in work- and organizational psychology. As Senior Lecturer in Psychology I do research and teaching on leadership and organizational change.

Robyn Schimmer
Sarah Ericsson
Sofia Levin

I am PhD student with the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University.

Stefan Holmström
Steven Nordin

I work as a professor in psychology and conduct research and teach in health psychology, medical psychology, psychosomatics and research methodology.

Tobias Marmheden
Tova Stenlund

I am associate professor (docent) of psychology  

Tove Wedin
Ulrich Olofsson
Ulrika Sahlén
Åse Thelander