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Master's Programme in Management

  • Number of credits 120 Credits

This program is designed for students who are interested in the strategic and leadership challenges faced by managers in the contemporary business world. The program offers both a sound theoretical grounding of important management theories and concepts, as well as various opportunities to put these theoretical understandings into practice. All of which occurs within an international environment and is underpinned with a sustainable orientation. The programme is offered by the AACSB accredited Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics.

While studying

During the first year focus is placed upon developing advanced theoretical knowledge in management via a series of modules including Managerial Perspectives on Strategy, People, Projects and Processes - the last of which involves a real life consultancy project to apply the in depth knowledge acquired. Later there is a chance to choose from a variety of elective courses in order to tailor the Masters degree in the manner that you wish, moreover, there is the option of an internship to attain further practical experience.

During the second year you are given the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in one other area in the field of business administration. This year also includes a research method module and a module in current trends in business administration research. You will develop your writing, analysis and research skills through writing a master's thesis. During this year it is also possible to study abroad one semester.


You have the opportunity to do an internship in a company for ten weeks in Sweden or abroad. This possibility exists only at a few business schools in the country. You will arrange your internship yourself in a company you find interesting. The internship gives you a good opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice and gain valuable experience and new contacts.

Studies Abroad

Studying abroad is not only fun and challenging for you as a student but also a welcomed experience with future employers. Internationalization is an important area for us and we are working continuously to offer you as a student many opportunities for an adventure in Europe or further away on another continent.

We have about 70 partner universities, chiefly in Europe, but also in Brazil, India, China, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, and China - all of them selected especially for our students. Students who would like to study farther away can avail themselves of Umeå University's global agreement offering an opportunity to study in North America, Oceania, and Asia.

Sustainability perspective all the more important

We have worked with sustainability in our education for many years by emphasizing social and environmental aspects as important complements to the economic perspective. Questions around sustainability get a whole lot bigger attention in today's firms and organizations and we lifted these questions up early in our educational programs. We are certified by the environmental management system ISO-14001 and we are members of the international networks PRME and GBSN.

Corporate Connections

The business school collaborates in many different ways with companies and organizations. For example internships, guest lectures, company visits, guest lectures, essay assignments and cases from companies.

Programme overview

Semester 1
Managerial Perspectives on Strategy, People, Projects and Processes 30 cr.

Semester 2
Alternative A. Elective courses 30 cr. Alternative B. Elective courses 15 cr. and Master's thesis in Business Administration I 15 cr.

Semester 3
Current trends and a minor in Accounting/Finance/Marketing/Business Development 30 cr.

Semester 4
Alternative A. Master's thesis in Business Administration III 30 cr. Alternativ B. Elective course 15 cr. and Master's thesis in Business Administration II 15 cr.

For a more detailed overview see flow chart.

Career opportunities

Following the completion of the degree there are a wide range of potential career options open to you, because the skills that you will gain on this program will allow you to start contributing to an employer's organisation quickly and effectively. These options include Management Consultant, Operation Manager, Researcher, Project Manager, Social Media Manager, Sustainability Consultant, Human Resources Officer, Logistics and Distribution Manager, Retail Manager and Sales Executive, amongst others. Further, the program's international character can also facilitate opportunities for a career abroad. The program gives you eligibility to apply for PhD positions.


Degree of Master of Science (60 credits). Main field of study: Business Administration. Specialisation: Management
Degree of Master of Science (120 credits). Main field of study: Business Administration. Specialisation: Management


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Contact person for the programme is:
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