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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 27 November 2020)


Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


Ali Dadras, doctoral student
Alice Arnberg, teaching assistant
Amanda Rudälv, teaching assistant
Anders Fällström, associate professor (absent), other position
André Berg, doctoral student (absent)
André Massing, research fellow
Andreas Brodin, adjunct associate professor
Andreas Granath, teaching assistant
Anna Ivarsson, human resources administrator

My job is HR administrator at the department of mathematics and mathematical statistics.

Antti Perälä, associate professor

Main research interests: Complex Analysis, Operator Theory and their applications.




Armin Eftekhari, assistant professor

Axel Torshage, associate professor (absent)
Berit Bengtson, associate professor
Carolina Strömgren, teaching assistant

My name is Carolina and I am studying the Engineering programme in Technical Physics. I am employed as a Teacher's Assistant at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

Clara Nygren, teaching assistant
Elias Boethius, teaching assistant
Elias Ågren, teaching assistant
Elin Wiklund, administrator (absent), other position
Elsa Magnusson, teaching assistant
Eric Libby, associate professor
Fanny Bleckur, teaching assistant
Gerold Jäger, associate professor
Hannes Marklund, teaching assistant
Hugo Englund, teaching assistant
Jennie Ohlsson, education administrator (absent)
Jesper Erixon, teaching assistant
Jesper Singh, doctoral student
Jianfeng Wang, senior research engineer
Jonas Gustafsson, teaching assistant
Jonas Westin, associate professor
Jun Yu, professor
Karl Larsson, associate professor
Klara Stokes, associate professor
Leif Nilsson, associate professor
Leif Persson, associate professor (absent), other position
Linn Mehto, teaching assistant
Lisa Hed, associate professor (absent)
Maja Gagner, education administrator

I work with education administration and as a web editor. 

Malin Gelfgren, teaching assistant
Maria Granberg, administrator

I work with department administration and as a web editor at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

Markus Ådahl, associate professor
Mathias Norqvist, other position

At the moment I am working as a researcher, with research connected to the project 'Learning by Imitative and Creative Reasoning'.

Mats Bodin, associate professor
Moa Nordin, teaching assistant
Mohammad Ghorbani, senior research engineer
Niklas Fries, doctoral student
Niklas Lundström, associate professor (absent)
Olow Sande, associate professor
Patrik Rydén, associate professor
Per Arnqvist, associate professor
Per Åhag, associate professor
Peter Anton, associate professor
Rikard Anton, associate professor
Robin Rohlén, gästlärare

My research is about developing new methods to use ultrasound to identity and analyse motor units in skeletal muscle tissue.

Sabina Andersson, teaching assistant
Sandra Bern, study administrator (absent)

Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Science and Technology

Simon Sticko, postdoctoral fellow
Tobias Jonsson, doctoral student (absent)
Ulla Ahlman, teaching assistant
Victor Falgas Ravry, associate professor

Associate Professor in Mathematics. Main research interests: extremal combinatorics and discrete probability.

Viktor Mostberg, teaching assistant
Yujie Shen, doctoral student