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Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation


Adam Grinberg

In my research, I study sensorimotor function following ACL injury. My current work aims to better understand re-injury fear and anxiety by implementing functional neurophysiological techniques.

Andre Nyberg

My research is about developing new strategies for the assessment and management of extrapulmonary manifestations among people with COPD.

Andreas Hult

Researcher in Sports Medicine and Public Health with a special focus on how our lifestyle and more specifically our level of physical activity predicts our future health and risk of illness.

Andrew Strong
Anna Cronström
Anna Olofsson
Anna Sondell
Annika Toots
Apostolos Theos

Deputy Head of Department of Community Medicine & Rehabilitation

Head of Section of Sports Medicine

Teaching and Researching in the field of Exercise Physiology.

Beatrice Pettersson
Birgit Enberg
Björn Bäckström
Britt-Marie Stålnacke
Börje Rehn

I do research and teach about Physiotherapy. I am a Registered Physiotherapist and member of the national Section for Occupational Health and Ergonomics.

Camilla Sandberg

I am an Associate Professor in Physiotherapy and work as a university lecturer at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, at the Physiotherapy Program.

Charlotte Häger

Professor of Physiotherapy. My research addresses human motor control, how the brain is involved and how to understand movements in normal conditions and after injury/disease to guide treatment.

Christer Malm

I represent the University in Sports Medicine and Precision Medicine for Exercise and Health. Research includes physical activity, performance, anti-doping and children's sports.

Daniel Jansson
Elin Granholm Valmari

Employed as a university lecturer at the Occupational Therapy Unit, but is also a doctoral student with the research area of 'Life balance among patrolling police officers'.

Emilia Viklund
Emma Hörnlund
Emma Simonsson
Erik Frykholm
Erik Rosendahl

Professor of Physiotherapy. Works with research and teaching. The research is mainly about physical activity and exercise for older people, including people who have dementia or live in nursing homes.

Eva Tengman
Frida Degerstedt
Gunilla Stenberg

Associate professor, combined with clinical employment, teaches at the Physiotherapy Program.

Heidi Nedergård
Helena Andersson

I have a doctoral degree in medicine/phyiology. I'm currently a senior lecturer in Umeå teaching, supervising students and my research areas are recovery processes, football, women.   

Helena Fridberg
Helena Lindgren

Researches and educates in the field where systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) need to collaborate with humans. Research spans basic research in AI to applications improving health.

Hugo Lövheim
Jana De Brandt
Ji-Guo Yu
Johan Asplund
Johan Jakobsson

PhD student in sports medicine, within the project COPD-HIIT. Examining feasibility, acute and chronic effects of supramaximal HIIT in people with and without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Johan Niklasson

I am a Assiociate Professor at the Medical Programme. I want to develop research in areas where new technologies can improve older people's chances of good ageing.

Johanna Axfeldt
Jonas Markström
Jonas Sandlund
Jonas Selling
Jonas Vestman
Josefine Lampinen

Reg. occupational therapist, specialist in occupational therapy and doctoral student. 

Julia Hallin
Junhong Li
Kajsa Gilenstam

I teach exercise physiology at the bachelor and master's levels and I am also responsible for our master's programme.
Sex/gender in exercise physiology is my main area of interest in research.


Karin Wadell

In our research on the development and evaluation of e-health tools for people with lung disease, we use various AI solutions, such as feedback from reported physical activity or symptoms.

Katarina Tomic
Lars Berglund
Linda Sandqvist
Linda Widar
Ludvig Backman

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy and Functional Anatomy

Magnus Zingmark
Margarita Mondaca
Maria Berglind

I work as a study administrator for the subjects of History and Archaeolgy.

Maria Boström
Maria Strömbäck
Maria Wiklund

lecturer and docent, with interdisciplinary research focus on public health science, medical sociology, as well as gender-theoretical and socio-cultural perspectives on the body, movement and health.

Marlene Sandlund
Martin Björklund

Works with research and teaching and is responsible for the doctoral education at the department. The research is focused on, among other things, musculoskeletal disorders.

Matthias Tegern
Mattias Hedlund
Mattias Höglund
Michael Svensson

PhD, ass professor in Sports medicine. Teaching:exercise physiology, metabolism, and nutrition. Research:exercise-training, muscle biology, metabolism, nutrition, iron and metabolic syndrome.

Nina Lindelöf
Oscar Bergens
Per Liv
Peter Nordström
Pontus Öhrner

Has a master's degree in sports medicine. Works as a project assistant for a research project towards a sustainable working life in occupations with high physical strain.

Qingfan An

Marie Sklodowska-Curie PhD Fellow, ESR13 Health CASCADE

Rita Sjöström
Sanna Mikko
Sara Lundell

Associate professor in physiotherapy. Research focusing on how shame and guilt affect self-management in people with COPD, and support for self-management, including eHealth, for different groups.

Therese Eskilsson

Therese Eskilsson is the Head of the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Umeå university and an associate professor, physiotherapy. 

Therese Nordin

My thesis concerns social participation and togetherness among older adults in a home care context, within the research project STAY-IN-TOUCH. 

Tobias Stenlund

My research area is eHealth and how digital elements with AI can make people with a diagnosis more independent.

Torfinn Beer
Ulla Nygren
Xiaolei Hu

Xiaolei Hu, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, FACRM
Senior University Lecture & Senior Consultant Physiatrist
Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation
Umeå University, 901 85 Umeå, Sweden

Åsa Karlsson
Åsa Svedmark