Ingrid Giro

Since four years I have lived in this place and walked on the clear-cuts. They attract me. With their ugliness in summer and beauty in winter.

Crispy white with blue sky background. Stumps and newly planted spruce twigs sticking up. The porcelain landscape in Lapland. The clear-cut is like an unnatural void waiting to be filled with life again. The clear-cut creates cracks in the landscape, broken fragments.

'I see them as a wound in the landscape, I am fascinated, all these clear-cuts of dead trees surround the village, sticking up like cylinders.'

It is winter, it arrives and is experienced, its nowness, its thisness, its specifics cap a sense of time. Trees, take root, grow and die, and this process is used to our advantage, planting trees where we want and felling where we do not. A communal wound. The landscape, measured in centuries – a constant state of flux, advancing, retreating, advancing – too slow for our impatient minds.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

Void, 2021, Steel, ceramic



Latest update: 2022-11-24