Mikaela Crantz

Based on the premises of photography, Mikaela Crantz works with the connection between photography and sculpture and the characteristics and impact of the imprint.

The interaction between the hand and the eye; presence, light and tactility. Mikaela Crantz work plays with the relation of the sensation to the physical body, its imprint, reflection or consequence.

(Rumble) Shelter, Surface looks at the different forms, fissures and surfaces of the shelter, it takes place in the aftermath of the earlier work, Rumble (2018), a work about right before, during and after the breaking point. While (Rumble) Shelter, Surface progresses to reparation and reformation, the shelter and its leaks and cracks.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

(Rumble) Shelter, Surface

Installation: Inkjet print, 6 pieces 70 cm x 100 cm, 1 piece 106 cm x 135 cm, 1 piece 109 cm x 135 cm
Gelatin silver print: 3 pieces 40 cm x 50 cm
Sculpture, aluminium: 82 cm x 46 cm
Sculpture, glue, epoxy: 10 cm x 15 cm x 12 cm


Mikaela Crantz, born 1991, Svärdsjö (Swedish).

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Latest update: 2022-11-24