DISPLACEMENT The Global Challenge, Studio 10 22/23

“…the situation in which people are forced to leave the place where they normally live.” Over the past three years Studio 10 have travelled, designed and built for refugees in Izmir Turkey. Over that same period the number of people displaced has grown rapidly due to war and the effects of climate change and this has become an urgent Global Challenge.

Site of Investigation 
We investigate and explore displacement in multiple contexts and scales. We move between the personal and the global to develop diverse organizational, spatial, material and architectural proposals that have a positive impact on the wellbeing and dignity of individuals and populations.  
As individuals our students are asked to look inwards to their own experience of being unsettled, moving or displaced and as a studio we look outwards supported by the Global Free Unit network of live project classrooms in Ukraine, Russia, Bosnia, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, the UK and closer to home in Northern Sweden. 
Studio Agenda and Methodology  
We follow the Free Unit methodology of the contract, the gift and project friends to help our students define ambitious research-based projects; projects that connect their own architectural interests to one of the greatest challenges facing global society today and help them locate their projects so that they have real life impact. Our definition of displacement is intentionally broad and we encourage our students to challenge and redefine it.  
Teaching Team: Amalia Katopodis, Prof. Robert Mull and Sangram Shirke 
Global Free Unit [GFU] 
Office of Displaced Designers [ODD] 
TIAFI Community Center 
Torbali Camp  
Yasar University  
UmArts Research Centre
WHIT Research and Action Project 

Latest update: 2023-08-21