Design studios

The Design studio is both a learning environment in terms of theme and pedagogy as well as a physical space were students have their individual desks along students of the same studio. While students of the Architecture programme are part of one design studio in year one, they have the possibility to choose among three studios during year 2-3 and three studios during year 4-5. Studio themes, agendas and pedagogical approach are formed by studio responsible teachers and teaching teams in alignment with syllabus and learning outcomes.

At Umeå School of Architecture there's currently seven design studios connected to the Architecture programme (300 credits) and the Master programme in Architecture and Urban Design (120 credits). As students of year 1-2 of the Master programme intermingle with year 4-5 students of the Architecture programme, the same three design studios are available to students of both programmes. 

Each design studio have a unique agenda, theme and pedagogical approach formed by a studio responsible teacher with the support of a studio teaching team in relation to the programme syllabus and its learning outcomes. Through the studio structure, teachers have the ability to form studio agendas in relation to their field of interest, previous/on-going research and current events. 

In many senses, the design studio works like a classroom. Students of the same studio share a physical area in the school building with individual desks, spaces for tutorials and storage spaces. They have the same studio-specific tutors, briefs, lectures, seminars, workshops and collaborates as a collective. 

Studio Archive

As design studios evolve and themes change over the years, the presentations of studios from earlier academic years are kept in our Studio Archive. To see studios from academic years previous to the current one, click on the link below.

Studio Archive»

Latest update: 2023-08-21