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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 3 december 2020)


Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration is actively involved in Research and Teaching within the disciplines of Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting.

The Department of Business Administration is the largest department within Umeå School of Business Administration, Economics and Statistics. Professors, Lecturers and Doctoral Students, in all disciplines, are involved in Research and Teaching endeavours. Business Administration, as an overarching subject, is the largest in Swedish universities, and our undergraduate courses are amongst those with the greatest number of students at Umeå University.

USBE has a plethora of programs and our department contribute mostly to the Business Administration and Economics program but we also contribute to a number of programs within other departments.
In education, we are at the forefront of development in digitalization and sustainability. In sustainability, the Department of Business Administration were a key contributor in the attainment of both ISO 14001 certification, and our programs international accreditation with AACSB.

Our Researchers cooperate with International Researchers in a number of universities worldwide, as well as participating in societal development via research projects in collaboration with numerous organizations. Further, our Doctoral Students participate in a number of collaborations with industrial companies, NGOs and public organizations.

Latest publications in Business Administration

Scandinavian Journal of Management, Elsevier 2020, Vol. 36, (4)
Raza-Ullah, Tatbeeq; Bengtsson, Maria; Gnyawali, Devi R.
European Management Journal, Elsevier 2020 : 1-11
Kihlberg, Robert; Lindberg, Ola
Journal of Management Studies
Rouleau, Linda; Hällgren, Markus; de Rond, Mark

Deputy Head of Department

Johan Jansson


Director of Studies

Dan Frost


Head of Research

Markus Hällgren


Director of Doctoral Studies

Jörgen Hellström

Visiting address

Social Sciences Building
Level 3

Mailing address

Umeå University
Business Administration
SE-901 87 Umeå


Therese Sarlin, administrator
+46 90 786 6258