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The Marketing Section

We conduct research within several main areas of marketing and offer courses on all levels.

The marketing discipline is part of the Department of Business Administration and the USBE quality management system accredited by AACSB.

Our view of marketing is comprehensive, encompassing the interrelationships between consumption, markets, and society. We strive to add to the discourse surrounding sustainable development and the various marketing issues that impact consumption and well-being on a global scale. Our belief is that marketing involves both creativity and analytical expertise, and is dedicated to generating enduring value for businesses, consumers, and society at large.

The marketing section offers courses on all levels. The undergraduate courses range from introductory marketing courses to specialized marketing courses focusing on service marketing, retail, sales, marketing ethics and sustainability, among other topics. The marketing section also has a portfolio of graduate courses including core courses on various aspects of strategic marketing and consumer behavior, and the elective course on new product innovation. The marketing section is responsible for the master’s program in Marketing. In addition, the section members are also involved in teaching methodology courses and supervising theses at the undergraduate and advanced levels.

The members of the marketing section lead and contribute to a broad variety of research projects including various theoretical perspectives, methods, and empirical settings. Currently prominent research areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainability marketing – research on sustainable consumer behavior and transportation, sustainable organizational practices and corporate branding, sustainable consumption and retailing, circular economy, and coopetition for sustainability.
  • Branding – research on brand management, internal branding, public sector branding, and conscientious branding.
  • Technological innovations in marketing – research on the development, implementation, and use of technological innovations and technologies, such as self-service technologies, virtual reality and artificial intelligence in marketing.
  • Marketing education for sustainability – research on pedagogical perspectives, practices, and approaches in marketing education for sustainability, as well as business education in general.

The section collaborates on several courses and research projects with external parties at regional, national, and international levels. The section welcomes collaborations in both research and teaching.

Section coordinator

Faculty and staff

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