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Mathematics is an exact science that describes and deals with patterns within quantities, changes and structures, and the relationships between these. It is a broad subject that entails both intra-scientific issues and applications and method within the fields of science, medicine, the social sciences and, increasingly, the humanities.

Latest news

Stormy, gloomy and hopeful when researchers exhibit their work

Manya Sundström and Mattias Marklund have published a poem with photographs in “Mathematical Intelligencer”.

To count on all students

Helena increases knowledge about preschool teacher's ability to follow pupils' mathematics learning.

Students have little opportunity to work with mathematical problems

Jonas Jäder has in his thesis studied some of the components that are valuable for students' problem solving.

Rare animals and plants organize in ghettos to survive

The unexpected ecological pattern is the conclusion of a study about biodiversity in competitive environments.

Problem-solving helps pupils to learn mathematics

Johan shows that the pupils’ knowledge would improve if larger emphasis was placed on problem solving.

Umeå mathematics duo with article that tops philosophy research

Mathematicians' article on mathematical aesthetics in well-respected philosophy journal chosen as top article.

Aesthetic experiences in the gallery of mathematics

Manya Raman-Sundström and Lars-Daniel Öhman are tackling beauty in mathematics with great enthusiasm.


Integrated Science Lab (Icelab)
We take a modelling approach for causal understanding and connect researchers from different backgrounds.

Research projects

Trade-offs in Nonconvex Learning
Research area: Mathematics, Statistics
Duration 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2027
Type of project Research project
Multi-shell CutFEM for problems with mixed dimensions
Research area: Mathematics
Duration 1 January 2022 until 31 December 2025
Type of project Research project
Students' (lack of) comprehension of mathematics texts
Duration 1 January 2022 until 31 December 2026
Type of project Research project
Biodiversity-ecosystem functional relationships in evolved spatially structured societies
Research area: Ecology, Mathematics
Duration 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2024
Type of project Research project
The importance of mathematical tasks
Duration 1 September 2020
Type of project PhD project

Research groups

Biostatistics and bioinformatics
The biostatistics and bioinformatics group at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Umeå University, is led by Dr. Patrik Rydé...
Research area: Mathematics, Statistics
Computational Mathematics
More about our research group
Research area: Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics
More about our research in Discrete Mathematics.
Research area: Mathematics
Functional Data Analysis and Spatial Statistics
The research group is led by Prof. Sara Sjöstedt de Luna at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.
Research area: Mathematics, Statistics
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
More about our research in Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
Research area: Mathematics
Statistical Learning and Inference for Spatio-Temporal Data
Research in signal/image analysis and statistical learning and inference for spatio-temporal data.
Research area: Cancer, Mathematics, Statistics
Stochastic Processes and Numerical Methods
The research group is led by Prof. Oleg Seleznjev at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics .
Research area: Mathematics, Statistics
Umeå Mathematics Education Research Centre (UMERC)
UMERC is an interdisciplinary network of researchers, research students and teachers from school and university, who are engaged in research and...