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Research groups


Age, Ageing and Social Welfare
Social work research related to age, ageing and social welfare
Research subject: Social work
AI and society
DIGSUM's group for AI and society is focused on analysing and understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence and autonomous...
Alireza Salami-research group
Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow: Neurosciences Cognitive neuroscience of aging
Anders Byström Group
tRNA metabolism in eukaryotes
Anders Hofer
Nucleotide biosynthesis in the parasite Trypanosoma brucei.
Research subject: Molecular biology and genetics
Anders Olofsson
Amyloid Fibrils and Cytotoxic Oligomers.
Research subject: Molecular biology and genetics
Anders Sjöstedt
The type VI secretion system of Francisella tularensis – its structure and regulation
Andrea Puhar lab
Endogenous danger signals in infection and inflammation - Andrea Puhar's lab
Andreas Hörnblad
Gene regulatory mechanisms in obesity-associated liver cancer and development
Research subject: Molecular medicine
Andrei Chabes
dNTPs and maintenance of genome stability.
Research subject: Molecular biology and genetics
Anna Arnqvist
Mechanisms for stochastic and tightly controlled regulation of Helicobacter pylori adhesins.
Research subject: Molecular biology and genetics
Anna Berghard
Cell biology and physiology of the mammalian primary and accessory olfactory systems
Anna Överby Wernstedt
The Överby lab is focusing on different aspects of tick-borne encephalitis virus from molecular virology and host pathogen interactions to...
Anne-Marie Fors Connolly
Puumala Orthohantavirus causes Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS), in Sweden known as “Sorkfeber”. The disease is characterized by low...