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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 15 April 2021)


Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS)


Anders Johansson

Anders is a lecturer in infectious diseases and senior consultant in infectious diseases and infection control. He is the R&D Head at the Clinic for infectious diseases, Umeå, Sweden.

Andrea Puhar
Andrei Chabes

dNTPs and maintenance of genome stability

Barbara Sixt

My research focuses on cell-autonomous immunity and bacterial evasion strategies

Björn Schröder

My research focuses on the interaction between diet, gut microbiota and mucosal barrier function.

Dominik Fischer
Ellen Bushell

MiMS group leader and malaria researcher interested in parasite-host interactions.

Felipe Cava
Johan Henriksson

I am a researcher in T-cell biology and development of new methods (bioinformatics algorithms and wet lab protocols), with special emphasis on immunotherapy and CAR T cells.

Jonas Barandun

As a structural biologist, I am fascinated by how evolution has shaped important molecular mechanisms and how pathogens use these for infection. I am a SciLifeLab National Fellow.

Niklas Arnberg

Virus-host cell interactions: implications for tropism, treatment, and targeting

Nora Lehotai
Oliver Billker

My research is about genome scale approaches to understand the biology of malaria parasites and how they interact with the mosquitoes that transmit them.

Richard Lundmark
Sun Nyunt Wai

Sun Nyunt Wai is Professor of Medical Microbial Pathogenesis and conducts research on the properties of pathogenic bacteria at the molecular level.

Thomas Boren

Protein-carbohydrate interactions during health and disease

Åsa Gylfe

I am researching to find small molecules that can be developed into new drugs against infections. Specifically, I focus on molecules that have an effect on chlamydia bacteria.