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Department of Law


Amanda Musco Eklund

I research on EU border control, automated systems and principles of the rule of law.

Ann-Christine Petersson Hjelm

LLM, JSD. Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor). Researcher in Law and Society, Elder Law and Legal History. 

Anna Henriksson
Anna Strid
Carin Ulander-Wänman
Elin Jonsson

I have a background in law and gender studies and my research deals with how law regulates close relations, family and reproduction.

Emil Wistrand Johansson

My research and teaching concern public international law, in particular accountability and cooperation in international criminal law, international humanitarian law and human rights law.


Fanny Holm
Felix Bockel
Glenn Sundqvist
Görel Granström

My research primarily concerns crime victims rights and especially victims of hate crime and how the legal actors are working with these issues.

Ida Asplund
Isak Nilsson

My research concerns the preliminary ruling procedure, and I use empirical methods to investigate the unseen cases that are not referred to the European Court of Justice. 

Jan Leidö

My research and teaching primarily concerns Swedish, comparative, and international aspects of the law of obligations, intellectual property law, private international law and arbitration law.

Johan Holm

Researches various work environment law issues, with a particular focus on the future of work,  and issues such as telework, use of AI at the workplace and algorithmic work management. 

Johan Lindholm

I research and teach Constitutional Law and Sports Law with a particular interest in courts and judicial poltics and the use of empirical methods in legal research.

Johanna Jers

My research focuses on gender diversity within companies and markets. 

Karin Åström
Lena Enqvist

LL.D. 2019 Umeå University

Lena Landström

My research and teaching are mainly within criminal procedure and criminal justice, with particular focus on the legal responsibilities and powers of police officers and prosecutors.

Maria Eklund
Maria Forsman

LL.D. Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor. Distinguished Teacher. Researcher.

Marina Vannelli

My research primarily concerns international human rights law, international children's rights, migration law and the interaction between international and regional human rights systems.

My research revolves around constitutional rights and rule of law, in particular the intersection of technology, security and human rights.

Marlene Löding

Doctoral student in law. My research concerns the constitutional role of judges in Swedish lower courts.

Martina Reinius

I teach and research primarily migration law.

Mattias Derlén

Professor of Law. Main areas of research include constitutional law, Law & Language and empirical legal science. 

Mattias Hjertstedt

My education and research concerns above all procedural law in general and coercive measures in particular.

Mikaela Landström
Mpoki Mwakagali
Per Bergling

Per Bergling is appointed Director-General for the Family Law and Parental Support Authority (MFoF) and on leave of absence from Umeå University.

Ruth Mannelqvist

Professor of Law


Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Sandra Johansson
Sandra Mattsson

I am a study administrator at the Department of Law.

Sebastian Björnberg

I primarily teach in matters of constitutional law, EU law and human rights.

Staffan Ingmanson
Stefan Lidberg
Therese Enarsson

In my research I focus on fundamental rights in different legal contexts, such as the protection of victims online and in the legal process, and the protection of free speech online.

Ulf Vannebäck
Ulrika Sanden
Vanessa Vincentie
Victoria Lindgren

I mainly do research and teaching within the field of tax law. In my doctoral project I study the legal and historical construction of the tax payer in, by and through Swedish income tax legislation.

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