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Department of Law


Carin Ulander-Wänman, senior lecturer (associate professor)


My area of research pertains to European employment policy and the regulation of the Swedish labour market. The research produced has taken  an employer´s- an employee´s as well as a societal perspective. The research is based on social constructionist theory and takes an emancipatory approach.

Elizabeth Perry, postgraduate student

Research: Primarily in comparative family law; my doctoral project is entitled "Child Support Law in California and Sweden: A Functional, Critical Comparison." Teaching: Primarily in EU law, comparative law, Swedish international private law, American law and family law.

Jan Leidö, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research and teaching primarily concerns Swedish, comparative, and international aspects of the law of obligations, intellectual property law, private international law and arbitration law.

Katarina Lundqvist, administrator, department

I administrate the Department of Law's PhD programme and I am the secretary in the department's Research Committee. I also administrate our courses and programme that are held in English.

Lena Enqvist, postgraduate student

LLD candidate. My research work sorts under public law, and social security law in particular.

Linda Andersson, administrator, study

I work as a study administrator at the Departement of Law. I deal with fees for assistants and guest lecturers and am also responsible for our holding register. Document registration in digital system W3D3 is also one of my assignments.

Maria Forsman, senior lecturer (associate professor)

LLM, JSD. Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor). Distinguished Teacher. Researcher in child law and lawyering.

Markus Naarttijärvi, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research revolves around constitutional rights and rule of law, in particular the intersection of technology, security and human rights.

Mattias Hjertstedt, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My education and research concerns above all procedurial law in general and coercive measures in particular.

Per Bergling, professor

Professor Per Bergling (LL.M., LL.D.) pursues reserch and teaching at the Department of Law.

Peter Hultgren, postgraduate student

I'm working on a dissertation project about breach in service contracts and teach primarily in the law of obligations.

Therese Enarsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

In my research I focus on victims' rights in different legal contexts. My research spans over many legal fields such as criminal law, constitutional law, procedural law and administrative law. This is mainly done from a Swedish and European context.

Victoria Lindgren, postgraduate student

Doctoral student in law, main focus tax law/gender studies, at the Departmen of Law and the Graduate School for Gender Studies, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies. My project concerns fringe benefit taxation and its relation to questions about gender and the pay gap.

Örjan Edström, professor

Professor, Dr., in law and in particular labour law at Umeå University in Sweden since 2003. The author of many books and articles on labour law, EU labour law in particular concerning the free movement of workers and services respectively. National Expert for the European Commission 1995–2013 and in that capacity member of several internationall networks.