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Department of Social Work


Ahmet Gumuscu

My dissertation is about social work in families with complex needs and about the family as a basis for interventions in Swedish social services.

Amanda Nyberg

PhD-student within the CollAGE-research programme. Studying the collaboration between social services and spatial planning when planning for age-friendly communities in Swedish rural municipalities.

Andre Tetting
Anna Samén

I am a trained social worker who has mainly worked in elderly care at various levels. The subject for my thesis is welfare technologies in eldercare. I am also teaching at the Social Work programme. 

Anna Valverius
Anneli Gustafsson
Anu-Riina Svenlin

Post doc researcher at the department of social work 2022-2023. In my post doc-project I focus on evaluation of social work and especially the use of CAIMeR-theory (Blom & Morén 2019). 

Björn Blom

Professor of social work and director of Umeå Center for Evaluation Research (UCER)

Björn Högberg

My current research investigates the importance of schools for the wellbeing of pupils, as well as the effects of parental unemployment on the health of children. 

Cecilia Andersson
Christin Johansson

International contactperson

Cristian Bortes
Cristine Isaksson
Emma Lindgren
Eva Wikström

My research and teaching is about refugeemigration and labourmarket- and housing integration for newly arrived refugees and migrantlabour.

Eva-Marie Åslin
Faten Nouf
Fredrik Snellman

Title of Docent and Associate Professor in Social work with responsibility for PhD postgraduate education and the higher seminar series at the department

Frida Rudolphi
Hilda Näslund

My current research explores service user engagement in the mental health sector, as it is expressed through collective and personalised forms of mobilisation.

Jan Hjelte

Title of Docent and Ph.D. in social work

Jeanette Nilsson
Jens Ineland
Jens Lindberg

Senior lecturer at The Department of Social Work. Research interests include interpersonal violence, human service organizations and digital welfare tehchnology.  

Joel Persson

PhD-student in social work. My research concerns preconditions for language studies (SFI) among newly arrived migrants with short educational backgrounds.

Karina Lundborg
Katarina Andersson

Associate professor and senior lecturer in social work. I am leading the research profile Age, Ageing and Social Welfare at the department.

Linda Arnell
Louise Carlson
Magdalena Törnered
Malin Eriksson

I am a social worker, professor in Social Work and Associate professor in Public Health.

Marcus Blom Nilsson
Maria Berg
Maria Hillörn

Phd-student at in social work at the Department of Social Work since 2021.

Maria Sjölund
Matthew Cashman

My current research concerns the importance of school policy for students' health, in Sweden and internationally.

Mei Jiang
Mojgan Padyab

Mojgan Padyab is an associate professor (Docent) in social work and assistant director at CEDAR.

Mona Naimi
Nawi Ng

Visiting Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health with a research interest in ageing and disability, chronic non-communicable diseases, behavioural change and implementation research. 

Ove Grape
Petra Ahnlund

I work as a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Social Work.

Pooja Paul

My current research focuses on how fertility ideals vary between countries and how it is affected by individuals' attitudes to gender equality and countries' institutions.

Robert Grahn
Sanna Bergman
Sara Lilliehorn
Simone Scarpa
Tove Flordh
Urban Karlsson
Urban Markström

Professor at the Department of social work. Deputy head of the department, with responsible for research activities. Research about community mental health services and service user involvement.

Veronica Lövgren

Phd and senior lecturer in Social Work. 

Wossenseged Birhane Jemberie

research interest: Mental Health,  Substance Use, and Aging

Methods: Register based study; Latent variables; Longitudinal analysis