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Department of Political Science


Abrak Saati, researcher

Abrak Saati is a senior researcher at the Department of Political Science. 

Anders Lidström, professor

Anders Lidström is Professor in Political Science with a research focus on local, regional and urban politics and governance, in Sweden and in a comparative perspective.

Anna Jarstad, professor

Jarstad is Professor of Peace and conflict studies at Umeå University. She leads an eight-year research program on Varieties of Peace, funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond (2017-2024).

Anna Palmgren Vahlroos, study guidance counsellor

Programme and Study Advisor in Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies. Contact for students with disabilites and for credit transfers.

Christina Boström, administrator, department

My responsability is administration for PhD Student.
For questions about basic education and advanced level: see information under "For our Students".

David Feltenius, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My general research interests concerns 'the politics of aging', central-local government relations and privatizations in the welfare municipality. For a full presentation, please see below!

Dzenan Sahovic, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Dzenan Sahovic is Associate Professor in Political Science doing research on peace and security and teaching crisis management and peacebuilding. 

Elisabeth Olivius, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Elisabeth Olivius is a lecturer in peace and conflict studies. Her research explores how gendered relations of power are produced and reshaped in conflict, displacement and peacebuilding. 

Elsa Reimerson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Teacher and researcher in political science with particular focus on environmental politics, conservation, and Indigenous issues.

Eva Leffler, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I work as Associate professor at the Department of Education and teach and research primarily in school development.

Johan Hellström, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Johan Hellström is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Political Science and researching on political parties and governments in Europe.

Katarina Eckerberg, professor

Katarina Eckerberg is professor in political science. Her expertise comprises environmental and natural resource policy and politics at global, national and local level.

Katarina Norberg, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Katarina Norberg is an Associate Professor in Education and Deputy Head at the Centre for Principal Development, Umeå University  Sweden.

Lars Norqvist, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Senior lecturer at the Centre for Principal Development (CPD), Department of Political sciences

Magnus Blomgren, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Blomgren's research interest mainly involve the development of representative democracy within multi-level political systems, especially within the European Union. His specific interest is on how political parties and national parliaments deal with new circumstances. Blomgren is also interested in issues concerning legislative roles and how elected politicians view their task differently.

Marie Olsson, coordinator, personnel

HR-support at Department of Political Science, Centre for Principal Development and Umeå Centre for genusstudies.

Patrik Johansson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Patrik Johansson works with allocation of teaching assignments, administration of education, and educational development. He teaches and conducts research in peace and conflict studies.

Rasmus Karlsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Dr Rasmus Karlsson is an Associate Professor in political science. He has published widely on climate mitigation policy, development ethics, and global affairs from an ecomodernist perspective.

Ulf Leo, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Dr Ulf Leo is associate professor of Sociology of Law with a special focus on Educational Leadership. He is deputy head at the Centre for Principal Development.