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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 27 November 2020)


Department of Molecular Biology


Aftab Nadeem, senior research assistant
Agnes Regos, postdoctoral fellow
Alexander Glotov, senior research assistant
Alexandra Berg, doctoral student
Allison Churcher, senior research assistant (absent)
Anna-Mia Johansson, senior research engineer
Annika Berglund, human resources administrator
Annika Johansson, research coordinator

Head of Facility på Swedish Metabolomics Centre ( 

Anthony Sun, postdoctoral fellow
Anton Björk, project assistant
Barbara Sixt, research fellow
Björn Schröder, research fellow

My research focuses on the interaction between diet, gut microbiota and mucosal barrier function.

Carlos Hernandez Ortego, other position, doctoral student
Claire Sayers, postdoctoral fellow
Cyrinne Achour, doctoral student
David Cisneros Armas, senior research engineer

Molecular Biology of human bacterial symbionts

Denise Rawcliffe, postdoctoral fellow (absent)

My research project is centered around the protein POF (Painting of Fourth). POF specifically binds to the fourth chromosome of the fruitfly (Drosophila melanogaster).  

Dharmender Kumar, senior research assistant
Dominik Fischer, other position, project coordinator
Edvin Karlsson, doctoral student
Ellen Bushell, research fellow

MiMS group leader and malaria researcher interested in parasite-host interactions.

Emilia Johansson, other position, project assistant
Emilio Bueno, postdoctoral fellow
Eric Toh, doctoral student
Felipe Cava, associate professor
Firoj Mahmud, research assistant
Francesca Aguilo, associate professor
Gemma Atkinson, assistant professor

Assistant professor who studies the functional evolution of proteins that interact with the ribosome, and that are involved in antibiotic resistance and response to stress.

Hanna Eriksson, other position, project administrator
Hasan Tukenmez, postdoctoral position
Hiraku Takada, senior research assistant
Ingela Nilsson, laboratory technician
Jacob Lewerentz, doctoral student
Jeanette Tångrot, senior research engineer
Johan Henriksson, research fellow

Researcher in systems biology, with a focus on T-cells and development of new methods (bioinformatics algorithms and wet lab protocols)

Johnny Stenman, administrative secretary
Juan Ignado Barrasa Lopez, senior research assistant
Jyoti Mohan Gurung, other position, senior research engineer
Kai Ehrenbolger, doctoral student
Karsten Meier, doctoral student
Katarina Vielfort, senior research engineer
Katharina Wulff, associate professor

Katharina Wulff studies the physiological mechanisms of mammalian timing behaviour from infancy to adulthood and the way in which biological clocks exploit daylight to entrain to the environment. 

Kathryn Turnbull, other position, senior research assistant
Kemal Avican, senior research assistant
Kristina Nilsson, laboratory technician
Lalitha Tadala, doctoral student
Laura Alvarez, senior research engineer
Lena Svensson, associate professor
Magnus Ölander, postdoctoral fellow
Marek Wilczynski, IT systems administrator
Maria Ivanova, doctoral student
Maria Kim, senior research assistant
Maria Westling, financial coordinator
Mikael Wikström, senior research engineer, other position
Moa Lundkvist, doctoral student
Mohammad Roghanian, senior research assistant, other position
Nina Norgren, senior research assistant
Nora Lehotai, project coordinator
Oliver Billker, professor

My research is about genome scale approaches to understand the biology of malaria parasites and how they interact with the mosquitoes that transmit them.

Peter Lind, assistant professor
Roberto Navais, senior research assistant
Sandhya Malla, doctoral student
Sara Hernandez, senior research assistant
Saskia Erttmann, senior research engineer (absent), assistant professor
Shreelatha Bhat, senior research assistant
Si Lhyam Myint, senior research assistant
Sophie Tronnet, postdoctoral fellow
Stefanie Sandberg, postdoctoral fellow (absent)
Sun Nyunt Wai, professor

Sun Nyunt Wai is Professor of Medical Microbial Pathogenesis and conducts research on the properties of pathogenic bacteria at the molecular level.

Tatiana Kan, senior research engineer
Teresa Frisan, professor

Teresa Frisan, PhD, is Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology at Umeå University, actively involved in research and in teaching within the frame of undergraduate programs.

Teresa Tiensuu, senior research engineer
Tianyan Wang, doctoral student
Ulf Persson, laboratory engineer
Victor Pinedo, doctoral student
Vikash Pandey, senior research engineer
Viktoria Vedin, senior research engineer

Study councellor for the Bachelor's programmes in Life science and Biomedicine, Master's programmes in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine.

Yngve Östberg, senior research engineer
Yuri Schwartz, associate professor