Mathijs van Sark

All material, like an object, movement or physical ratio, has borders which give it a purpose.

Through a site specific installation, with attention on architectural influences, Mathijs van Sark wants for everything in sight to engage with the environment as much as with the spectator. In different settings he creates simple shapes or concepts, combining and recombining.

After the pandemic turned my original work 'Turnstile Corner Space' into something that will not be happening for now, my attention was directed towards our school gallery, which has a wall that needs reconsideration.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

Untitled installation at Umeå Konsthögskola: Absence of plywood and plasterboard, 900 x 230 cm


Mathijs van Sark, born 1992, Deventer, the Netherlands.

Latest update: 2022-11-24