Erica Giacomazzi

Having moved from the Venice Lagoon to the lush north of Sweden, Erica Giacomazzi investigates the context-sensitive scenarios around her, a landscape suddenly impervious and hostile where people have built a refuge of being.

Her study starts from the historical and cultural heritage of the place, its collective memory. The landscape topography is pivotal for the interpretation. The waterways take the role of streets, the islands become monuments, and the countless stretches of water that dot the Swedish territory become large squares. Lupus in Fabula is a raw documentary, a cutting-edge and uncontaminated point of view as a foreign perspective could be. The authenticity and beauty behind the routine as rituals are parameters of this work, along with a close-up on choices, intimacy and freedom of a group of female dog sled mushers.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

Lupus in Fabula, Video sound installation, cloth, cables, 31 min


Erica Giacomazzi, born 1995, Venedig, Italien.

Latest update: 2022-11-24