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Agneta Marell
Albin Bjurman
Alice Annelin

I'm a lecturer in accounting. My research focuses on audit teams and audit quality, as well as education for sustainability.

Alina Bavykina

Doctoral student in Business Administration with focus on community entrepreneurship in the rural Arctic

Anders Larsson
Anders Lindmark
Anders Lundquist

I'm associate professor (Swedish: docent) in Statistics, department head at Department of Statistics / assistant head of USBE. I´m affiliated to Umeå center for functional brain imaging (UFBI).

André Gyllenram
Angelos Kostis
Anita Lindmark
Anna Strömbom
Annika Andersson
Bekzat Musrepova

Bekzat Musrepova is a PhD candidate in business administration (management) with a research interest in digital transformation.

Bilal Omarov
Catherine Lions
Christopher Nicol
Dan Frost

Director of Studies, Business Administration.
Member of the Faculty of Social Science education committee.
International engagement in Tuning Educational Structures in Europe, Tuning EU-China, CaloHex

Daniel Kaiser
David Källberg
David Skog
Elin Nilsson

Elin Nilsson is lecturer, associate professor (docent) and excellent teacher in business administration with a focus on marketing and consumer behaviour.

Emma Persson
Filip Edström

I am a PhD student at the Statistics department at USBE, where my research interests are Casual Inference and Robotics and their intersection.

Filip Paulusson
Frank Figge
Galina Biedenbach

Associate Professor (Docent) in Business Administration with specialization in marketing. Section coordinator – marketing. Program coordinator – Master’s program in marketing.


Gauthier Lanot

My research interests are in empirical micro-economics and econometrics, labour and public economics and public finance.

Giovanni Forchini

I am an econometrician interested many things ...

Göran Bostedt

Associate professor, natural resource economics. Visiting professor in forest policy, SLU. Deputy Director, CERE, Center for Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

Göran Carli
Hanna Lindström

Assistant professor. Main research field: public procurement, environmental policy evaluation, design and implementation, consumer preferences and producer behaviour. 

Henry Lopez Vega

Researching Digital/AI Transformation, Innov. Ecosystems, Global Strategy

Co-ordinator of the AI seminars at the Centre for Transdisciplinary AI and the Professional Programme in Service Management

Herman Stål
Huixia Wang
Irina Alexeyeva
Jan Bodin
Jenny Häggström

External website: www.jennyhaggstrom.com

Jessica Eriksson

Associate professor (docent) in business administration, active in the section for entrepreneurship.

Jessica Fahlen
Johan Gustafsson
Johan Jansson

Prof. in business admin. spec. marketing and A. Head of Dept. Research/teaching in sustainability, consumption, circular economy, communication, travel, electrification and passenger transport.

Johan Lundberg

Director of CERUM. My research include regional growth and migration, local public expenditures-, investments and taxes, local labor markets, consumer behavior, and public procurement.

Johan Strandberg
Johan Svensson
Jonas Markström


My research focuses on human sensorimotor control during sports-relevant situations, mainly among persons with a history of anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Josline Otieno

My research interest is in predictive modeling and machine learning.

Kadri Meister
Karl Johan Bonnedahl
Kenneth Backlund
Lars Lindbergh
Lina Schelin
Linda Hollebeek
Lisa Klaminder
Magdalena Markowska

Magdalena Markowska's research is focused on entrepreneurship and investigates identity, gender, the interplay between structure and agency as well as the role of context in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Magnus Ekström
Malin Näsholm

Malin Harryson Näsholm is an Associate Professor in Management and Organization and Director of Studies in Business Administration.

Maria Josefsson

I am an associate professor (senior lecturer) and docent in Statistics. My research mainly involves methods for studying age-related cognitive change.

Maria Karlsson
Marie Eriksson

I am a professor in statistics with a special interest in statistical applications in medicine, including register studies, epidemiology and clinical trials.

Marie Wiberg

Research interest include educational measurement and psychometrics in general, especially test equating, parametric and nonparametric item response theory, and international large-scale assessments.

Markus Hällgren

Markus Hällgren (markus.hallgren@umu.se) is a professor of management and organization at Umeå School of Business and Economics. More information; www.markushallgren.com & www.tripleed.com

Mathias Lundin
Mats Bergman

Professor of Economics

Dean, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics

Mattias Jacobsson

PhD, Associate Professor (Docent) of Management and Organization, and Distinguished teacher. Director of doctoral studies in Business Administration.

Maxim Vlasov

Assistant professor in entrepreneurship

Medhanie Gaim

Associate Professor (Docent) of Management interested in paradox theory and entrepreneurship. Currently serving as the coordinator of the Management section at USBE.

Mikael Svedberg
Minna Genbäck
Monika Larsson
Nasteho Lander
Natalie Toft

PhD student in business administration, specializing in management. Studying leadership processes and leader identity during extraordinary events in the Swedish police.

Nicklas Hell
Niklas Hanes

Norbert Steigenberger is a professor in entrepreneurship at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics.

Oscar Stålnacke
Peter Edlund Frii
Quang Evansluong

Dr. Evansluong's research interests center on immigrant entrepreneurship, integration, sustainable entrepreneurship and CSR.

Quynh Le
Robin Herbert

Doctoral student in business administration (marketing) since January 2021. Research interests in sustainability, branding, norms, spillover effects and traffic.

Roger Smedh

Works at the student service office for Business Administration with administrative tasks aimed at students and staff.

Sally Pierce
Samielle Drake

PhD student at the department of economics since december of 2020. My research interests include market competition, auction theory and sustainable public procurement.

Sandra Rådahl
Sara Widmark
Sergio Alves
Siarhei Manzhynski

PhD, Associate professor.

Main research field: Coopetition for sustainability, paradox theory, circular economy.

Sofia Isberg
Sofia Karlsson
Sofia Molander
Sophie Jané

Sophie is a senior lecturer in management. She studies inclusion, legitimacy, and sensemaking in organizations, particularly within challenging and uncertain contexts.

Susanne Nilsson

Works at the Student Service Office for Business Administration with administrative tasks aimed at students and staff.

Tatbeeq Raza Ullah
Tetiana Gorbach


Therese Sarlin
Thomas Biedenbach
Tobias Svanström

Tobias Svanström is a Professor in Business Administration (Accounting) at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics. 

Tomas Blomquist

Professor in Business Administration, Areas of interest: Innovation, Digitalization, IoT, Business models, Entrepreneurship, Project management, and Career development.

Tomas Raattamaa
Ulrica Nylen
Ulrika Leijerholt

Ulrika Leijerholt is an associate professor in marketing. Her research focus is on various aspects of public sector branding.

External webpage: www.ulrikaleijerholt.com

Virginie Fernandez

Virginie is an Senior Lecturer in Management. Interested in collective action in risky and emergency contexts, her current projects deal with sensemaking, embodiment and temporality.

Vladimir Vanyushyn

Associate Professor (Docent) specializing in inter-firm collaboration for innovation and internationalization and quantitative modeling of both survey and register-based data.

Xavier de Luna

My research consists in developing machine learning methods to discover and study causal relationships when using large amount of data. Stat4Reg Lab: www.stat4reg.se 

Xijia Liu
Zsuzsanna Vincze

Zsuzsanna Vincze is an Associate Professor (docent) in Entrepreneurship and the coordinator of the Entrepreneurship section at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics. 

Latest update: 2018-12-05