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Collaborative Pathways: Bridging Research and Practice in Special Education

The aim of this symposium is to display and critically reflect on the current development of approaches and methods in specialeducational research, policy and practice. The symposium is also part of two 2.5 credit doctoral courses.

Symposium February 19-20, 2025

This is the third international symposium on Special Education at Umeå University. In order to strengthen researcher-school practitioner collaborative pathways, school-based practitioners are encouraged to resister and attend the first day of this symposium. The second day is research focused and the number of attendees is limited. The symposium is also part of a 2.5 credit doctoral course in special education. The program will be continuously updated, and the registration will be open in September 2024.

Background and content for the symposium

In what ways can we strengthen networking, cross-national interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration, close to practice research, and stimulate the dissemination of research in the field of special education? How can we understand the relationship between methods and the articulation of special educational knowledge? The invited speakers from Sweden and other countries will help us articulate the traditions, approaches, conditions and differences between research projects conducted in cooperation between universities and schools.

For the second day of the symposium, we invite research paper submissions relating to collaborative pathways in the field of special education. We welcome contributions focusing on the development of language, writing and reading, mathematics, and research on learning disabilities.

Symposium Program

More information to follow

Syllabuses Doctoral courses in special education

Syllabus: Forskning, Policy och Praktik- Aktuella utvecklingstrender inom Specialpedagogik

Syllabus: Forskning, Policy och Praktik - Aktuella utvecklingstrender inom Specialpedagogik 2 

Reflections from previous participants

Intervju med Jonny Wåger

Jonny är doktorand i pedagogik vid Örebro universitet. Han var en av deltagarna under symposiedagarna.

Intervju med Siv Danvind

Siv är lärare och specialpedagog i Umeå. Hon var en av deltagarna under symposiedagarna.


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